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Dear All,

I have installed AX 2012 R2. Created a client configuration with a check of "enable break point" and saved it, but its giving me error as "Connection to the AOS could not be established. Though my services are already started. I also checked the port no. which is same as server config.

Also when I start my ax with normal AX icon, It starts fine but cannot use debbuger. I have installed debugger.

Plz let me know if any one can guide me how to resolve such problem.

Summary - Two Problems 

1) Not able to create client configuration

2) Not able to use debbuger .

Thank you.

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  • I have resolved the client configuration issue....

    but the debbugger problem is still on...

    Any one ..................???????

  • My debugger has been started but with a blank screen.

    Any one knows how to solve this problem ???

  • One question

    IS the client user credentials present in this user group  "Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users"?

  • yes already added...

  • add the break point in the AOT and when you have the correct rights, the debugger will pop up.

    incase code is running server side, an additional property on the AOS server configuration needs to be set.

    When running in CIL, attach Visual studio to the AOS process. and add the breakpoint in the Visual studio AOT.

  • I dont get it Dick... why do I need visual studio to start a debugger ?? And what setting do I need to do on server configuration.

    Let me tell you once again what exactly is my problem....

    1) I have installed debugger for ax 2012 r2.

    2) I have checked enable breakpoint on server configuration as well as client configuration.

    3) Also did setting on the tool option of the development environment as " debugger - on break point"

    Now I have wrote one job and kept break point on it. When I am running it. My debugger pops up.

    But, with a blank window, I mean the window where we can see the code in the debugger is blank.

    Thats my problem. Why I cant see the code window where we press f10 go to the next line of code in the debugger. ?????

    Plz suggest me something.

  • ok that case the debugger is debugging a client session.

    do see some eventlog messages on the Client machine?

    sometimes it helps to log off and on in the client machine.

  • I have almost the same issue, but when I put a breakpoint in a job , debugger do not open. A message pop up saying debugger is not installed, please install the debugger. I installed it several time but same message.

    Any suggestion.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I believe if you are debugging code that is running in .Net, you need to make sure the folder containing the source files is filled up. Not sure if this happens when the AOS starts, or of you actually need to run a CIL-compile for it to be filled. The source folder is located under X:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\AOS_ID\bin\XppIL\source

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • bad day,

    I have the same in my current environment,

    this environment also has ax 2009 installed

    folks that follow this thread, do you have the same

  • found a work around,

    start AX right mouse run as administrator. and it works!!

  • Thanks a lot!

  • If you want to disable UAC (reason behind problem), see chapter "To disable Admin Approval Mode" in

  • I seem to have the same issue (blank debugger) with AX 2009 .. and running as administrator does not work. Has anyone found the cause? I have uninstalled and installed to no avail. It has to be something with my PC as when I remote to another machine I don't have the issue.

  • Hi All,

    when I am applying the debugger, getting blank screen .

    please tell me the solution

    Thank you.