Ax 2012 Synchronize Database Errors

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Attempting to synchronize the database in a AX 2102 install the following errors happen:

  • There is a field mismatch in the union query. Field CarrierName is not compatible with field Name.
  • Cannot execute a data definition language command on The information about transportation parties (TransportationAllParty). The view cannot be created. The underlying table may not exist.
  • Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization. The operation failed.

I am hoping somebody in the AX community can explain how these arrors can be corrected.


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  • Hi,

    Can you see the SQL statement that is being used to create the view from the error message?

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  • The system table SQLDictionary has a list of the tables and fields with id's. It could sound like a mismatch between the id's in the table and the id's shown when looking at the properties on the field in the AOT. It can be a massive task getting that fixed if they pile up.

    I have earlier managed to fix errors like this by simply flipping the table to In-memory in type, synchronize the table and then flip it back.

    Note, that this will truncate the table so you might want to copy the data to another database first and then back afterwards.

    Maybe you want to try this on a copy of the database first. :)

  • We had a similar issue with the SQLDictionary and the actual tables getting out of sync. To correct the SQLDictionary entries, go to...

    in 2009:

    Administration > Periodic > SQL administration > Table Actions > Check/Synchronize > Export DDL

    then comment out or remove anything not related to the SQLDictionary. run this through SSMS then resync the DDL in the AOT.

    in 2012:

    System Administration > Periodic > Database > SQL Administration > Check/Synchronize > Export DDL

    use same procedure on this file as with 2009.

    this will allow you to keep your data and fix your broken SQLDictionary records by having them all deleted and inserted (again) in a state that is correct and functional.

  • I am having a similar issue with Dynamics AX2012 R2.

    I am not able to go to System Administration > Periodic > Database > SQL Administration > Check/Synchronize > Export DDL.

    Is there an appropriate Hotfix to this problem?

  • Could you try to simply drop the view and resynchronize?

    Head over to SQL Server Management Studio and connect the database holding the view. Then run this SQL:

    DROP VIEW TransportationAllParty

    A view is a database artifact used for read only view of AX data, and it will be recreated if missing when you synchronize data dictionary.

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  • Dear rightangle:

    Go to  Extended Data Type  and make string size property in   WMSCarrierName  equal to DirPartyName string size property