US Cheque in Axapta 2012

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Hello All

I made some modifications to the US_Cheque report format.  I started testing and I noticed that the recipient name was not being filled in so I deleted my CUS layer and ran a test using the standard dynamics report and the recipient name still didn't populate correctly.  To clarify, my tests involved creating payment journals with vendors and amounts, not just clicking the print test button on the setup form for the bank account.  Has anyone had any similar problems?



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  • I am sure you would have gone through the process of cleaning report and cache data from SSRS and AX respectively but Just to be doubly sure , did you cleaned the SSRS report and you cache after removing your customization ? Can you check in a standard system if the same problem exists. With SSRS reports the references are kept at so many places that I have found only after restarting AOS and SSRS instance I am able to see something I changed.