All labels in a label file dissapear?

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Some times after some deployments certain labels in a language are all gone. E.g all dutch @SYS/@CUS labels.
No updates or changes are done to @SYS labels during this deployment.
Sometimes after some flushing and refreshing they return.
Is there any idea what might be causing this and how to prevent this?

Our configuration:
Ax 2009 - 2x AOS
Application version. 5.0.1500.2985
Kernel version. 5.0.1500.4356

During deployment we import the XPO's then shutdown the AOSes and restart.

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  • Hi John, I don't know what is causing it. But try deleting the *.ali files after you have stopped the AOSs. They are the label index files and will be recreated when you restart the AOSs. You might also try deleting the *.aod file which is the application index file and will also be recreated when the AOS start. These files can be found in:

    \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl\<instancename>