AX Dynamics Not Starting

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Says, didnt respond timely

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  • Usually Ax will generate a message in the eventlog with more information why Ax is not starting. If the AOS is not started in a timely fashion the service will continue to start the AOS but without the process bar. In the eventlog you can see which components already are started.

  • Object Server 01: Server terminated unexpectedly with 90 extcode

  • Is there more information in the eventlog about why the services isn't started?

  • I had a similar error when the database drive was full, can you please check if it the same with your case.

  • i have 1 tera free

  • ok

    ping to sql server from AOS, what is the time out?

    incase you restart the whole AOS server, do you get additional errors (DNS timeouts)

    is your network connection part of the domain network

    is the service account a domain user?