AX 2012 R2 really hunger memory

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Dear All,

I need your advise regarding our development environment of AX 2012 R2. I don't understand why in 1 hour, our server RAM consumption raised 14 GB ?

My server is 18 GB with 2 virtual core processor, and 7 consultant do development and test in one server. I didn't find this issue in AX2012 (without R2) version. Are there any patches or some tools that I can use to improve our environment ?

Since this is our first AX 2012 R2 implementation, I'm afraid go live environment will happen the same situation in next few months, and it's absolutely disaster because there'll be hundred users access the AX server.

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  • Is the sql server on the same machine? I think it uses the memory...

  • Hi Andirudi,

    yes it is, the sql server is in the same machine. My SQL Server services was 5 GB and AX Server was 4 GB. In my opinion, half of RAM is still available to do development by 4 technical consultant.

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  • Did you do a (cil) compilation or update of cross references? These are very memory intensive tasks.

  • hmm, at the moment, we added many fields and EDT. I think it requires to synchronize the database every add a new EDT