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we are in an upgrade Project to AX2012 R2. I have our application + data upgraded and are now testing. Since we moved to our PROD Hardware, we also started to put an eye on Performance. and this is bad ..

We have 16 core / 64 GiG SQL 2008 Server , 4 core / 16 GIG core AOS,  4 core / 16 gig reports Server. Diskspace is on a Netupp.

Currently and Transaction / form open / Report open is takein min between som 1-3 secs and  sometimes even more (1 user online, all Monitoring Shows "green" (no cpu load, mem ok, Network ok, disk ok)


does any one have an idea where or wht to check 1str .. btw .. allservers are virturalized, but have 1:1 corelation between virtual CPU/MEM and physical ..

thanks frm switzerland

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  • If you are primarily concerned with client performance, you can find some options under System Administration, Setup, System, Client performance options.

    In particular, enabling Fact Boxes can be a significant performance impact at the client.

    Also since most of AX is still compile on demand into P-code, anything you can do that improves compile performance will have an impact on the client experience.  There are significant improvements to compile performance in CU6 for 2012 R2.  Much discussion on these can be found on these forums.

    Good luck!