AX 2012 SSRS 2nd Check Printing Position

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Hello AX SSRS Developers,

I am struggling with getting the US Check to print correctly.

We are doing a top positioned check and the 1st check is printing properly.

The 2nd Check (and subsequent checks) are printing slightly higher.

But just enough to not line up on the check stock.

Does anyone have any advise as to what settings could be causing this ?

Thanks, Jim

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  • Yea, good luck with that.  I remember doing our checks back in the day, and it was a huge pain in the booty.  I swear I was having a similar issue.  There are several classes that help generate checks, and the report itself has a lot of "code" dictating the report placements and margins.  On top of everything else, it could just be wonky printer or margin settings.  I know AX wants to be super easy to configure and be the end all solution, but in the end we made our own check format.  A lot more work up front, but then we know what it's doing.  

    Is there any added/different information between the two?  An extra/longer line of text that seems to maybe shift it?  I'd roam the Cheque_US report and the CustVendCheque class and try to find any culprits of possible formatting issues.  

    I feel like I remember there being an empty box at the top of the report that was trying to be dynamically displayed, and I ended up just always showing it to avoid movement.  I might have actually gone through and removed several "hide/show" expressions in the report and replaced them with a real Hide or Show value based on our specific check formatting needs.  

    Good luck!

  • After numerous attempts to fix this problem. We realized it may be a bug in the R2 version of the report.

    Sure enough we copied the RTM version of CHECQUE_US to the R2 system and like magic the check on page 1 and page 2 print in the same position. Wow, a lot of time spent spinning our wheels.

    I wonder if this is a known issue. We will check shortly.

  • Jim,

    Have you heard of any other possible solution to this problem?

    I am running into the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  • While MSFT has supplied a patch and my have a fix in CU7 we decided to stay with making modifications to the 2012 RTM version of the check. That did not have the problem and is working for us.

    So why tempt fate ?

  • I am working on CU7 only, and it looks like we still have the same issue.
    Do you have the KB number for the patch handy? 

    Thanks, anyways.  

  • Hi Khosla,

    I believe the KB Number you would need is :  2897926

    Hope this helps,