Count Journal AX 2009 - Working with Stopped Items

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I've created a count journal for a warehouse.  In that count journal include some items which have been stopped.  Though I left the counted field blank as obviously there are no items, it still won't let me post the journal.  Tells me "Item 1055200/001 is on hold for transactions in Inventory."

Am I going to have to manually delete all the stopped item lines? Or can they be excluded from the report in the first place?

I'm not using counting please don't recommend that right now.

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  • try to user filtration query when you creating the journal and add the filter for field on hold

    Ibrahim Salah

  • You can exclude stopped items from the selection query, as suggested.  Or, perhaps you should be using "Onhand counting" instead of "Item counting".  

    With onhand counting you only have to deal with items that have onhand quantity and value rather than every single item.  If you manage to find inventory not in the journal, you can easily add it later to the journal.

    Finally, you do not necessarily have to stop the item for inventory transactions.  If you stop an item for sales and purchase, you are protected against its accidental use on sales and purchase orders, but then you are still able to count it as needed, though that provides an opportunity to transaction against the wrong item by mistake.