Excel error on "Refresh all" with large table

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we have here a problem with the Excel AddIn and a large table. My clleague tries to import ZipCodes into the table LogisticsAddressZipCode which contains currently 581071 records. I can add it without problems via "Add Data"->"Add tables". But when I click on "Refresh all" it works quite a while with the message "Reading data for ZIP/postal codes". Then at first a popup with the message "An exception has been thrown when reading the stream" and then "The socket connection has been disposed". As the Excel addin works with every other table we tried and it takes so long I assume that the reason for these errors is the size of the table. Am I right with my assumption? If no: does anybody know what the real cause could be? And has anybody a tipp how I can solve this problem?


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  • Have you modified this table?  The reason I am asking is that when I attempt to duplicate this issue, I go into Excel, choose Dynamics AX tab, Add Data >> Tables, and choose LogisticsAddressZipCode as the table, insert it and click OK, I get errors on the table having surrogate foreign key expansion errors.  The errors are on the District key field not having a replacement key and the CitRecId not having a replacement key.

    I am running on a post CU2 kernel build with some Office Add-in fixes, so this may be why I am getting the error message and you are not.  

    Based on the error I am seeing, the add-in won't work on this table.

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  • I have modified the table in order to be able to open the table in Excel, without the modifications I couldn't open the table in Excel also.

    We have kernel version 6.0.947.280 installed.