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MikeG313 asked a question on 2 Apr 2012 8:27 AM

Hello All-

I am trying to setup Outlook 2010 to show a quick demo of the integration with AX2012.  I go to home->Microsoft Outlook Setup Wizard.  The 1st screen comes up with an employee and user id so that part is configured correctly.  The next screen is where I am having issues.  I click the "use current Microsoft Outlook profile" button on the Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Page.  After clicking this button, it loads up Outlook and gives me the option to select my profile.  I have set up a profile with a hotmail account since Exchange Server is not set up in this demo environment.  After selecting the hotmail profile I receive an error ":Could not communicate with Microsoft outlook client".  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Sebastian Cuartas responded on 6 Sep 2012 2:23 PM


First of all you have to configure your local outlook with the account you need to use, configuring also the server and all of that stuff. After that it may come another error showing that the account you have configured earlier it is not the same as the account name, showing another email contact. In that case you have to change the email contact on system configuration >users> look for your user that is being used and change it to the account you had configured in your local outlook.

That's all

Good luck ;)

Ramineni Prashanth responded on 4 Oct 2012 3:14 AM

Hi sebastian ,

can u please give me the solution step by step for outlook integration, i'm new to ax

wood8670 responded on 15 Jul 2013 10:14 AM

Where you ever able to get this resolved?  I am having the same problem.

wood8670 responded on 15 Jul 2013 2:29 PM

Hey Sabastian,

This did not fix the issue.  I am having the same problem and trying to connect to outlook.  We have multiple AX environments and I am only having issues on one environment.