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Duplicating SalesConfirm Report error

HI, I duplicate a report in Visual Studio AX SSRS report. but everytime I deploy or build it throws an error: Error 2 The "GenerateRdlTask" task failed unexpectedly. Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.Session.Exceptions.NoKernelSessionException: Unable to connect to the...
Forum Thread | on 21 May 2015 by SII1MNL

Migirating GL Open Balances data from AX 4 to AX 2012 using DMF

I'm tasked with migrating GL Open Balances data (AP and AR) from an instance of AX 4 to AX 2012 FP. We have the DMF module installed on our target server and I need to pull data from AX 4 into a CSV file and, map it to AX 2012, and perform the staging/migration. As a first try, I'd like to source...
Forum Thread | on 12 May 2015 by micano

Row borders Table in SSRS Report

Hi, I have a design error in a SSRS Report. I have created a table in body section (attached figure) and it is grouped by AccountNum. I want to print a black line to allow identify better each client but in some rows the don't print correctly the lines (upper row border), please show the picture...
Forum Thread | on 12 May 2015 by Jesus R. ABASCAL

Confirmation button is not enable in the line (Sales Order)

Hi, I would like to seek help from you guys because I cannot trace where to activate these buttons in the sales order. only in this record I am having problem. the rest were okay and the two buttons are enabled. Hoping for your fast response. Thank you. Ivan
Forum Thread | on 12 May 2015 by SII1MNL

Modern POS Product Shows Up As Null

Our company is working on upgrading from R2 POS to R3 Modern POS. The team I'm working with for this upgrade started out creating new Retail Stores in Dynamics AX and the Product Names show up correctly but recently we found out that when the upgrade takes place we're going to have to support...
Forum Thread | on 7 May 2015 by EmotionalCorn

Fiscal year closing Issue

Hello, I have the following scenario: The customer has used few basic modules in AX such as AP, AR, GL, and Inventory for starting. After doing the opening balance in 2013 the customer didn't insert any other ledger transactions such as fixed assets, HR etc he kept inserting them in his GL legacy...
Forum Thread | on 6 May 2015 by Hichem CHEKEBKEB

Released product forecast values

How do I forecast the income of each product, or a product range in AX 2012? Can I use Management Reporter for example? I want to get an overview of a group of released products, where each released product has a comparison of actuals vs. budget, as well as forecasted amounts.
Forum Thread | on 5 May 2015 by godoprod84

VAT handling of expense on service orders

e are trying to post an expense that is not charged to the customer on a service order. The issue is that the Item sales tax group of the expense category is always retrieved from the expense category. This item VAT code must be populated as in some instances the Expense is cross charged to a customer...
Forum Thread | on 30 Apr 2015 by Herre

AX 2012 R3 CU8 - Alternate DNS name for AOS server

Hi Everyone! I was trying to prepare for some NLB implementation and created a DNS record with the desired name. While I was waiting for the NLB to being built I thought I could just point the new DNS record to the IP address of the first server hosting the AOS Service instance. Then I would change...
Forum Thread | on 29 Apr 2015 by Motz Jensen

AX 2012 R3 CU8 - Client Configuration - IP address

Hi everyone! I was struggling with some DNS issues earlier today and while troubleshooting the issue I tried to create a new client configuration and save it as a AXC file, using the IP address for the AOS server. I used the "AX 2012 Configuration" program to create a new configuration...
Forum Thread | on 28 Apr 2015 by Motz Jensen

How to audit attached documents downloads in EP

Hello, I want to know when de vendors download some attached document to any product. For than I saw that the attached documents are in "DocumentListPage" on EP and the class to control it is "DocumentListPageInteraction". I tried the following: - I tried to Override the...
Forum Thread | on 27 Apr 2015 by Hauchka

Product sales forecast per qty

I want to make a sales forecast/budget for a range of products in my sortiment, by quantity. How can I define how many products I forecast to sell for each quarter, and output it either as a inquiry or report? I have tried with budget plans, but only got cash value; I want quantity value!
Forum Thread | on 24 Apr 2015 by godoprod84

Export AX 2012 Data to Customer format

Hi, I am using AX 2012, may be it seems little strange but I need to export my AX 2012 data to my customize desktop application for some reason. Now the question is from where to start. Should I do it module wise like AP, AR, Cash and Bank etc. or the table where I can find all modules entries, Like...
Forum Thread | on 17 Apr 2015 by Nadeem Bhatti

Customer factoring

I have a legal entity in AX 2012 R3 that is invoicing customers. The customers then pays to a factoring partner. The factoring partner then pays the invoice to the legal entity. My question is how can the payment from the factoring company be settled against the correct customer and the correct invoice...
Forum Thread | on 11 Apr 2015 by godoprod84

SalesTableListTable form datasource

Hi, I want to add a table as datasource in SalesTableListPage form, but I'm not able. As I see the datasource node has SalesTableListPage in property "Query". What should I do to have a additional table in Datasource of form? Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 30 Mar 2015 by AX_Dev

RE: how to clear user cache data in AX?

A Task that can be perfomed from each AOS (make sure your client is connected to each AOS) is to use the Tools menu, the cache submenu. you can refrechs elements, data and Dictionary objects.
Forum Reply | on 30 Mar 2015 by Camilo Virguez

Settle Open Transactions Issue

Hi, I have an issue with Settle Open transactions but it only seems to occur with 3 users. If any one of these users tries to Settle Open transactions their AX freezes. It may hang for 40 minutes before it completes. This will happen every time they try to do this. Lately I noticed that if I do a...
Forum Thread | on 25 Mar 2015 by runnerpaul

AX2012 Business connector and posting Invoice Journals

Is there a way to specify a new LedgerDimension to a journal line using Business connector? I can use the following command to use a previously used account combo from DimensionAttributeValueCombination list but how do I specify individual segments and values if a combination has not been entered in...
Forum Thread | on 23 Mar 2015 by Nickster

RE: X++ method entry/exit trace

(A somewhat delayed reply here, but I was working on a simil;ar question today and came across this poist, so I thought I would document it here for future reference!) There is a white paper describing these features here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/3/0/1309CC08-80DB-4D2A-87FE-40DB4E05531A...
Forum Reply | on 23 Mar 2015 by Chris Haley