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retail pos configuration:connection was not successful

Dear All, We have an issue here and i need your kind help We have implemented Ax 2012 R3 and in one of the stores we have two machines (server and client). Both of them have POS installed but when i am connecting the client machine to server machine i am getting the error: "connection was not...
Forum Thread | on 24 Nov 2015 by Zakeer Hussain

AX 2012 R3 sales forecasting

I have a scenario where the customer needs to be able to forecast sales based on the following two scenarios: Forecast per product or product group per seller Forecast per customer per seller I cannot find any easy solution to these scenarios. Any suggestions?
Forum Thread | on 23 Nov 2015 by Øystein Dahl Godø

Pick an item for sales order line based on batch after item qty is reserved

Dear All, Please find below scenario in which i need your help. I have create a sales order having 1 line with 15 qty and item have dimensions batchid,warehouse and location. now I have to deliver 5 qty , so I have to create a packing slip of 5 qty . For that I have reserved 10 qty of item...
Forum Thread | on 20 Nov 2015 by raj

Identifying users in AX

Whenever I'm investigating AX database issues I find myself restricted by the face that every instance of AX connects to the database through the AX12_Service account. Is there any way of viewing the actual user who is using AX?
Forum Thread | on 17 Nov 2015 by runnerpaul

AX2012R2 CU7 upgrade to CU9 doesn't work on VM MS machine...

Hi, I tried to upgrade VM MS AX2012R2 CU7 to AX2012R2 CU9 - but I cannot check client to be upgraded - program tells me that some (unknown for me) prerequisites are not fulfilled :( Does anyone tried to do that ? I upgraded AOS but not client... Any help/suggestions kindly appreciated :) ...
Forum Thread | on 13 Nov 2015 by Witold Adamiak

Standard Cost rounding issue

Based on my research, I want to do the opposite of everyone else. I want to have standard costs rounded to 2 decimal points. The issue I'm running in to is that standard cost is calculated correctly, but as the Quantity increases, the math just doesn't add up. Here is the example: Quantity...
Forum Thread | on 12 Nov 2015 by FAC.Ansel

Item template - Inventory Unit

Hello, recently I had this problem which I solved by this post I still don't understand the relation between Empty ItemIds in InventItemPrice table and Inventory Unit . Why/how this empty items prevent the Unit to be saved in template? The Blog post says: "A validation occurs in the InventTableModule...
Forum Thread | on 11 Nov 2015 by AX_Dev

Run a Excel spreadsheet from AX Menu

Hi All I would like to be able to add a menuitem which executes a given excel spreadsheet. I'm sure that I've done this in a previous project. How can this be done?? Cheers
Forum Thread | on 10 Nov 2015 by Hendo

AX2012R2 Rescheduling few PLANNED production orders at once....

Hi, we are using AX2012R2 CU7. We would like to reschedule a few selected PLANNED production orders at once. Unfortunately - standard button 'Reschedule' in 'Planned Production Orders' allows you reschedule only ONE selected planned production order at once :(. There is function allowing...
Forum Thread | on 6 Nov 2015 by Witold Adamiak

Relation between VendpackingSlipTrans and purchLine table

Hi , I want to create a query in AOT between VendpackingSlipTrans and purchLine table ,i create the first data source from VendpackingSlipTrans table and join purchline table by this relation VendPackingSlipTrans.OrigiPurchId == PurchLine.PurchId So my bit is to find Purchline associated with the...
Forum Thread | on 3 Nov 2015 by AlexAxing

Could not communicate with Microsoft Outlook client

Hi, The question's answer is a mystery. I read many articles and solutions about this problem, but nothing worked for me. I have this issue regarding outlook/exchange integration with AX user. Some answers to this question which did not work for me: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/emeadaxsupport/archive...
Forum Thread | on 30 Oct 2015 by Parwinder

XDS Policy allows to update record with restricted value

Hi I have a XDS Policy (Security/Policies) on table TheTable. It's allowed field TheField values Value1, Value2 and denies field TheField values RestrictedValue1, RestrictedValue2. "Operation" property of Policy set to "ALL OPERATIONS" Policy works correct, showing only record...
Forum Thread | on 27 Oct 2015 by Pandasama

How do i get name from DirPartyTable

Hi, why i can't get name from dirPartyTable using this job ,is there an error ? please help me to fix that static void GenerateName(Args _args) { str res; DirPartyTable dirPartyTable; VendPackingSlipTrans vendPackingSlipTrans; PurchTable purchTable; VendTable vendTable; select firstOnly dirPartyTable...
Forum Thread | on 16 Oct 2015 by AlexAxing

Updating Budget Balance in AX 2012 Cu8 R2

Dear All, I need your help in this case: I need to know every table that could be affected when we are updating Budget Balance in budget register entries in AX 2012 CU8 R2, as I need to inverse the Budget register entry status from the the back end to edit the dimensions , taking into consideration...
Forum Thread | on 11 Oct 2015 by Razan

How to change department number sequence AX 2012?

Applies to CU 7, CU 8 & CU 9. In many of the organization customer required their own department code to be attach with employee so in order to change default number sequence to "Manual" or by choice of customer you need to follow the path Organization Administration >> Number...
Forum Thread | on 1 Oct 2015 by Umer Khalid

How to provide HRMWorkingHours field in excel for DIXF import.

Hi, I am trying to import employees from DIXF. I am facing issue with setting the HRMWorkingHours field. The field is an Array with element as each day of week. How to provide the value for the field in CSV? I tried following approches [8,6,7,8,6] Creating multiple columns with indexes
Forum Thread | on 30 Sep 2015 by Syed Saad Tariq