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Drill Through Action to other report

Hi all, I want drill through other report (LAGCustomerTransaction.Report) as parameter above when click on field [AccountNum] SSRS report in AX 2012. But error occuring " Could not resolve drillthrough target report LAGCustomerTransaction.Report " . Pls give me advise. Thanks so much...
Forum Thread | on 26 Apr 2016 by Rainy Huynh

AX 2012 Intercompany sales order priority

I have intercompany setup between two leagl entities. In Entity A, I have customer classification groups setup to prioritize the customers. I want the classification to be adopted to the intercompany sales order created in Entity B. Is this possible? Are there any other methods of prioritizing intercompany...
Forum Thread | on 26 Apr 2016 by Øystein Dahl Godø

Find InvoiceID from ShipmentID

Hi All, I'm trying to find a relation between the WMSShippment Table and the CustinvoiceJour Table to find what shipmentID is related to which invoiceID. I have check CustinvoicePacking but cant find any relation between the 2. Any idea how to get this info?
Forum Thread | on 21 Apr 2016 by the_brains

AX2012 how MRP use the onhand of an item

Hi everybody, I've a Master Plan (net requirement) setting with the option to consider stock and inventory transaction only. I notice that the system allocate the onhand qty first for the planned works order (approved status) and after to the works order just open, without consider the requirement...
Forum Thread | on 20 Apr 2016 by Daniele Ferraretto

Picking List Quantity from Sales Order and Transfer Order

Hi All, We found out that there is a different "quantity" for picking list from SO and TO are different. We are glad to use "available quantity" but this feature is not working on SO - Picking List. Do we have any alternative in SO to get the same result?
Forum Thread | on 19 Apr 2016 by Kapp

Attachments on Enterprise Portal

Hi People, I am trying to setup the Enterprise Portal for our AX2012R2. My AX is deployed on two servers. Server 1 and Server 2. According to my Document Handling parameters, my attachments are supposed to be saved in the c:\ of Server 2. But for EP, my attachments are getting saved in c:\ of Server...
Forum Thread | on 19 Apr 2016 by Nidhi Ashok Goyal

Field level security access in AX 2012 ?

Dear All, I have a requirement where I have to make a customized field (which is in PurchLine), editable for a particular role. The one way is to do it from the Security roles -> override permissions -> find that table and field and give access. But I will have to remove access manually from...
Forum Thread | on 19 Apr 2016 by ARPIT CHAVHAN

Export to Excel issue

Hi, I have an issue were 1 user, when trying to export anything to excel gets the error message "User 'XXXX' is not authorised to select the record in table 'SystemParameters'. Request denied. Cannot select a record in System Parameters (SystemParameters). Access Denied:...
Forum Thread | on 12 Apr 2016 by Dynamics-Consultant

Master planning orders

Hello all, Is it possible to identify whether created planned order is driven by master plan or by user who entered it manually?
Forum Thread | on 12 Apr 2016 by MinJan

Unable to run Get-AxConfig in powershell

Hi Guys, I am having a problem with the Get-AxConfig command in power-shell. Here is the code I use: param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$axConfigFile ) Import-Module "C:\AX_Nightly_Builds\DynamicsAxCommunity" -DisableNameChecking Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft...
Forum Thread | on 7 Apr 2016 by dhamacher

RE: FULL CIL Generation error

Hi Amber guo, we are restored the DB. Actually we have did migration from AX2012 RTM to AX2012 R3 CU9 using the migration document and migration but not able to generate FULL CIL and not able to configure workflow. other Services are started except the Approval Service, Document handling, Expense...
Forum Reply | on 7 Apr 2016 by Muthusamy

Data Warehouse for AX2012

Hi, Are there any data warehouse products which are specific to AX2012? I'm also keen to hear how others handle reporting and BI. Cheers Paul
Forum Thread | on 5 Apr 2016 by runnerpaul

Retail POS Transactions

Hi everyone after deploying Retail POS in AX 2012 R3 it take A LOT of time to "Return" Transaction in POS. sometimes it takes up to 3 hours for one receipt to be returned. even if the transactions have only few items. any idea about what cause this issue. thanks
Forum Thread | on 3 Apr 2016 by Wasim.51

OrderBy and GroupBy in ax2012 queries

Hello! I was wondering, how to write in x++ query, in order for it to group by Item and then Order ascending or descending, here is the code - and it groups by both Item and Quantity in given case, I have tried to change GroupBy to OrderBy with no positive effect. tmpQbds.orderMode(OrderMode...
Forum Thread | on 31 Mar 2016 by MrRobot

Error occurred while editing pendingVendorInvoice after workflow approval

Error : Cannot edit a record in Source document line (SourceDocumentLine). The record has never been selected. I have AX2012 with CU5 environment , when I Edit pending vendor invoice after running the workflow approval error occured. 1- I have Clear XPP Folder and than run full CIL Compile. 2- Restart...
Forum Thread | on 30 Mar 2016 by dasdasd

POS report attributes

Dear all, I am using report from POS("View report" button), everything works well, I am able to use different types of report (by time, cashier, hour, etc.). The think is, I dont know how to add for example category attribute, margin, total amnout of pieces or discount attribute?? For...
Forum Thread | on 22 Mar 2016 by Mirr0

Calculate SalesLine Item price ignoring trade agreements

Hi, I'm working with AX 2012 R3, and I'd like to get an item's sales price (SalesLine.SalesPrice) without any discount or trade agreements,however with this method: PriceDisc priceDisc; InventTable inventTable = InventTable::find(_salesLine.ItemId); CustTable custTable = CustTable...
Forum Thread | on 12 Mar 2016 by saman0suke

Purchase Requisition in Microsoft Dynamics - Ax 2012-R2

We have multiple legal entities purchase requisition created in legal entity is reflected in all legal entities can we stop this. That is PR created in one legal entity should not be available in other entities Can any one help on this Regards Ravish
Forum Thread | on 12 Mar 2016 by RavishKumar

AX 2012 companion apps and Azure AD

As the Azure Access Control Service will be merged into Azure AD (see here ), my questions are: What are the implications of this for the AX companion apps ? Will they still work as is? Is more/other configuration required on the Azure side?
Forum Thread | on 11 Mar 2016 by Xander Vink