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As I continue this series of articles on streamlined data processing I will stick with Purchase Order Processing.  I have already addressed “copy” functionality and now I will address use of the List View for Purchase Order Transactions as a launching point for multiple purchasing actions. In the past I have often used separate windows for assisting GP users that are searching, inquiring, reporting, or entering purchase order transactions.  However, that is due to ingrained behaviour that was established prior to version 10 of Dynamics.  Within GP 10 and GP 2010 I think a more efficient practice is to use the Purchase Order List window as a home base for these activities.

Lists are accessed from the Navigation Pane on the left side of the GP application window and displayed in the content pane. 

Part of the Purchase Order Transactions list is shown below:


There are multiple actions that can be taken from this starting point as follows:

  • Easily Apply Restrictions or a Filter to the current list.

These filters are more efficient to apply than a SmartList filter.  Also note the presence of the menus to launch a Report or to Go To a related window.

  • When a document is selected, a preview of the document details is available in the lower region of the content pane.

  • When a single document is marked then Actions can be taken, such as Print or Send in Email, Copy to a New Purchase Order, Receive Items or Invoice Items from a PO, Post a Shipment or Invoice, or more.  Also the user can choose to modify a document by choosing to Edit, Delete, or Edit the Purchase Order Status.  Specifically with purchase order processing where shipments and receipts reference the originating PO number it is effective to use the Purchase Order Transaction List as a launch point for any of these actions.

  • Another feature of lists is the ability start New documents from within a list.


  • Finally, for this article, lists can be personalized or customized and then saved for future recall.  Along with this they can be conveniently added to the Home Page or as a Shortcut.


There is significant functionality within GP lists and it is functionality that has been improved with recent updates to Dynamics GP.  So, if you aren’t accustomed to using lists I suggest that you make an effort to try them out and consider how you could use them to make your purchase order processing more efficient.

Sheldon, ERP Consultant for Etelligent Solutions

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