Q2 2012 Service Update – New delivery schedule

Q2 2012 Service Update – New delivery schedule

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is committed to delivering familiar, connected and intelligent CRM experiences to the 33,000 organizations worldwide that power their sales, service and marketing processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We strive to balance a high standard of quality with our aspiration to deliver technology updates on a timely and frequent basis. Along those lines we are greatly excited about the important advances we have delivered across the last six months such as integrated social collaboration capabilities, a unified Microsoft Office 365 experience underscoring simplified cloud service management through common administration, billing and provisioning as well as important performance and business continuity features such as improved disaster recovery with in-region replication to further help protect data.

On July 19th, as we committed, our Q2 release will include Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support, Industry templates and certifications for our online service. After listening to the feedback from our customers and partners we are delaying availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile and cross-browser support. These were previously scheduled to be delivered in the Q2 2012 Service Update, and we now plan to deliver them in the service update scheduled for Q4 2012.

At the heart of the Q4 release we are focused on delivering a more compelling customer experience in mobile and cross browser. A Q4 2012 Service Update Release Preview Guide detailing the new capabilities and interface will be published this summer. 

We firmly believe that this updated plan puts us in a better longer-term position to deliver high quality solutions and capabilities that will excite our customers and partners. 

In the meantime we understand there may be questions. Please see the Q&A provided below for more information.


When will Cross-Browser be supported?

Answer: Cross-browser support will be available with the Q4 2012 Service Update.

Does this new plan result in planned capabilities from the Q4 2012 release being deferred?

Answer: No currently announced Q4 2012 capabilities will be deferred as a result of this decision. As a part of our bi-annual release cadence we work on multiple service updates in parallel. Merging the Q2 and Q4 2012 releases allows us to provide a better overall experience by combining cross browser support with user interface enhancements already planned for the Q4 2012 Service Update.

What does this mean for on premises updates?

Answer: Microsoft delivers regular updates to on-premise customers called rollups. Update rollup 10 is currently scheduled for release in August 2012.

What does this mean for the planned industry and regional compliance requirements/certifications?

Answer: Microsoft is committed to meeting key customer compliance requirements across industries and regions. Previously announced certifications will be available to new customers beginning in July 2012. Please check our CRM Connection blog here for the detailed list of certifications.

Can I get the Industry templates before the revised date of Q4 2012?

Answer: Yes, the following Industry templates are being made available in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace in July 2012.

  • Wealth Management
  • Non-Profit
  • Life Annuity Insurance Sales
  • Health Plan Sales

When will on premise customers receive SQL 2012 support?

Answer: Microsoft delivers regular updates to on-premise customers. Support for SQL Server 2012 will be included in Update rollup 10 currently scheduled for release in August 2012.

What do I do if I have an immediate requirement for Mobile prior to Q4 2012?

Answer: If you are unable to wait for a Microsoft delivered mobile solution we have Partner Solutions available here

  • SQL 2012 support - the Q&A appears to contradict the second paragraph of the statement.  Please clarify what "SQL 2012" support means in the context of both CRM Online and CRM On-premise.

  • So you are basically saying little to no new features to the XRM Platform? The CRM team needs to get out of the vertical templates business and focus on the core platform before it becomes obsolete.

  • Should we also assume that cross browser support is NOT included with the Q2 update for on-premise?  It is a bit confusing as the second paragraph specifically states "online"...Thank you for any clarification you can provide.

  • Correct @jasoncrm. We will not support cross browsers for Online or On premise deployments in the Q2 2012 Service Update.

    - davidp

  • Tremendously dissapointing that a company the size and breadth of Microsoft has delayed this launch, 6 days after it was due to be launched!  Your lack of proactive communication and lack of ability to foresee the issues which caused this delay are unacceptable in a partner of your size.  

    We took on the Dynamics product because of the promised Cross-browser support.  I'm going to consider other options.

  • I'm with Justin - it's very disappointing the delay was not communicated.  Even at Convergence this was the big winner.

  • It's better to have it shelved 6 days before release than to have it released 6 months before it's ready.

  • So, will CRM Anywhere work for an On-Premise set up?  Everything I'm reading references specifically to Online, but I am not sure if I've missed any articles/blogs/etc with something else.

  • HI @Rodney do you have a specific question about certain capabilities? As mentioned in the blog some CRM Anywhere release features have been delayed to Q4 2012. We will be releasing more details about the next release in the next few months.

  • We are doing a lot of work in our JScript to plan for this promised cross-browser support.

    I remain skeptical that it will be released in Q4 and even if it does I would expect major issues with non-IE browsers.

    It would be good to receive some more information on this - or to see a working demo pre-release.

  • Now we are in Jan 2013, Is there any update about the actual delivery date for the Q2 2012 Service Update – New delivery schedule