How to add the Windows Live ID user in MSCRM 2011 online?

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Hi All,

I am beginner to use mscrm online service. I register the trial edition of MSCRM 2011 online and want to add the Windows Live ID user. I cannot found the "Send Invitaion"/"Change Microsoft account" button in my CRM site as the this site "" or "Windows Live ID" field in user information. Could you please tell me how to add Windows Live ID user?

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  • Can you Please login into the portal and then do the required chages for the use from there


  • I mean I cannot add the user with windows live id.   I do not find the "required Changes" in user page. Could you please give me the details?


  • What is your CRM org name ?

  • The CRM site is  org name is KA.

  • can you please open support case with CRM Online , if you are still facing this issue.


  • I am also facing the same issue. Have you managed to resolved this? If yes, please provide us with the steps involved.

  • I think it is impossible to add the Windows Live ID user for now. The Dynamics CRM use the Windows Live Id before, and the microsoft could not make new customer use WIndows Live Id now.