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We are working with CRM 2011 and are running into an issue where some contacts are all of a sudden being reassigned to other users.  We turned on Audit History and it shows that the account owner reassigned the contact to a different owner but in reality, that person did not.  For example, we have a NC-based sales person who noticed that a GA-based contact was showing up as one of his contacts.  When I look at the audit history, it says that he reassigned it but he did not – and this is happening to many contacts.  Any clue how this could be happening?  Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  • One thing to look at is how the relationship between an Account an Contact is set up. By default when an Account gets re-assigned all of the Contacts also get re-assigned along with it.  You can always change the behavior so that this does not happen. 

    Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System

    Expand Entities -> Expand Accounts -> Expand 1:N Relationships

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  • Thank you so much for your reply but it is not happening at the Account Level.  The Account ownership is staying in tact but some (seemingly randomly) of the contacts are being reassigned.

  • Do you have any workflows in place that may involve an Assign step?

  • No, we don't.  All of our workflows are pretty much just around email notifications when opportunities close or open.  We don't have any workflows around contacts or accounts.  

    I noticed that many of the reassignments happened on a certain date and I checked the list of system jobs and none occurred during or close to the time that the reassignment happened.

  • Any type of plugins or other code that may automatically assign these Contacts?

    Also, how do you have you Owner field exposed on the Contact form? It's a long shot, but sometimes this field gets renamed and end users may be entering a user name in the Lookup field not knowing that doing so changes ownership...

  • Good question - I don't think so.  The only add-on we use is CoreMotives for email marketing.  I checked the mailing dates and we didn't have any emails that occurred on the same day (or within 5 days) of the modified date that I saw on some of those reassigned records.   The owner field on the contact form is listed as owner - I don't think anyone would have misused that.  

  • I am suspecting this could be due to some custom code or workflows , is there a specific time you found this is happening or it can happen anytime in a day. if it is happening for all the users please create a new org and see if you can see the same behavior there as well.



  • was this ever resolved? We are now experiencing the exact same issue.

    No custom workflows are in place that would cause this.

  • No, unfortunately not.  When we searched for contacts modified on the date that we had the last issue and it says Modified by "SYSTEM" but we weren't able to figure out why or how.  We don't have any custom workflows either that would cause this.

  • SYSTEM sounds a lot like something being updated due to an integration. You mentioned you had CoreMotives installed. You might want to open up the Solution file and see if there are any SDK Message Processing Steps that reference the Contact entity.

    Also, can you give me some more details on the features you have in place for CoreMotives?

    Finally, who owns the Parent Accounts for the contacts that were reassigned? It's possible someone changed the ownership of the parent account and the parental relationship is set to cascade on the Assign event. So if the current owner of contact may have taken ownership of the Parent Account, thus s/he would have changed the ownership of the child contact as well.