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fkhoja asked a question on 4 May 2013 2:25 PM


I would like to use mail merge to generate letters for Accounts using Letter template but i don't want users of the system to amend that letter which was generate using marketing template. Our marketing department have a rule that approved marketing letter should not be amended by user. 

When we do mail merge letter in CRM it provides facilitiy to end user to amend this as its done in Word, is there any way that those letter would be generated as PDF or any other format so user won't be able to amend?

I hope i have clarify by req.

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AFTAB HUSSAIN responded on 9 Sep 2013 3:38 PM


I believe over here you need the end user not to be able to edit the letter which get launched in the word document after you download it while performing mail merge with the help of the existing mail merge template.

However, we can set the security role to restrict the user over the mail merge template according to our needs.

You can verify or check the security role that has been assigned to the user. Security Role > Core Records > Mail Merge Template.

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