Error "cannot authenticate your credentials" Configuring Outlook with Online CRM

Error "cannot authenticate your credentials" Configuring Outlook with Online CRM

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I am struggling to get Outlook configured with CRM Online.  I continue getting "Cannot Authenticate your Credentials."  I have been working with Microsoft Support for a couple days installing, reinstalling, rebooting, etc. etc. and still not successful.  Are there any specific Outlook settings required to support Online CRM?  Could my company closed some features of Outlook that prevent a cloud based solution from access and integration?  

I am really at a loss.  I have read through the forum to determine what others have done.  I have tried the wizard that walks you through possible resolutions.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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  • Which version of Outlook you are using? 2010 or 2013?

    Which is your OS? Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 or 64 bit?

  • We had the same issue with CRM 2011 Online and solved it as follows. In the Configure Organization dialog box, in the Server URL drop-down list box select “CRM Online”, click the Test Connection button.

    The authentication method has changed for some newer CRM Online installations and the documentation I find has not been updated.

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    This Troubleshooting Wizard will help you go through the basic checks while configuring CRM for Outlook client 2011.

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    Were you able to configure CRM for Outlook client 2011?

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    Is your issue resolved?


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