User access level also equals team access level?

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An user can have access to only is own record.

But what about teams?

I tried to make multiple teams into the same Business Unit and tried different security roles combinations, but it seems, a member of a team can anyway see for example, accounts & contacts from other teams in the same Business Unit.

It means: their is no Team access level capabilities into MSCRM. Am I right?

Only user owned record, then different types of access level into BUs.

Teams have then no 'security boudary'.

Would appreciate some explanations. Seems the only purpose of teams of to work in common on some records.

Don't understand the purpose of giving the ownership of contacts or accounts to teams.


Thank you

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  • The purpose of having teams in CRM 2011 is to group users that are scattered across business units and provide access to records that are shared within the team. Teams aren't really ment for 1 Business Unit.

    Users, Teams, Business Units,'s all pretty complex. I've found a good read on the subject of security architecture right

    Instead of trying to explain it myself, the post provides some nice examples to explain the security possibilities.

    Hope it's helpfull.

  • I am still Ok with users, Business Units, priviledges, access levels, but at is seemed to be the case into CRM4, I don't really see in which case giving ownership to teams is usefull.

    Or maybe I missed to explain a point: is that a current practice, and also recommended practice to give ownership of accounts, contacts to teams?

    For me, doing that, with a lot of account and contacts into teams, users will be lost.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but, what I think, giving ownership of an account or a contact to teams should be avoided or only performed in specific cases (which ones for example?)

    Thank you!

    N.B: I was asked to give account ownership to teams, what happened is that they were up to 6000 accounts into one single team, seems unmanageable this way (migrating from an old CRM).

  • Hi,

    This article is quite good at explaining the deployment of users and teams with CRM.

    Basically a user can become a member of any team, but ultimately the business unit and security roles that user belongs too will control what they can see in CRM.


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