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I have a sales rep with an interesting issue. Every time he prices his order, the screen minimizes itself.

It's not so much of a problem as an annoyance. Has anyone else seen this issue before?

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  • That's interesting have not heard such issues before in this community. What is different with that CRM user? Is this behavior same for him from other systems as well?



  • There doesn't seem to be any other differences with his system than our other reps. This doesn't seem to happen any other time. I know with other users, the screen minimizes, then is restored immediately.

  • So, you tested this behavior for this user on another system and found the same behavior. Is that correct ?



  • I have not, but this user is traveling and I don't know when I will have that ability to test. I have 15 other users that don't have this issue though.

  • If 15 other user's don't facing this issue then it could be some IE settings. I would suggest to test this behavior after resetting the IE settings to it's default value for the effected user and update this thread



  • Hi,

    I am getting similar issue,


    MS CRM 2011

    Outlook Client (Online)

    Scenario: When user update Account and click only Save, form goes invisible (minimized)  for few seconds and then appears again once loaded completely.  This makes user confused when it disappears.

    And  i tried with different user machine same issue.

    Please let me know if you have any more info on this issue.

    Thanks !