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I'm trying to create a mapping where:

1. Create a Case

2. Add a contact to the Case

I want the Location on the Contact to appear on the Case.

The Location field on the Contact is an Option Set.

Is this possible?

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  • There are a number of approaches you could take:

    1. Create a workflow that runs on the update of the Case that gets the location from the Contact and updates the Case. This is the easiest, but will not run until after the Case is saved meaning the Location value will not be present on the form.

    2. Create a plugin that does the same - this will mean once the case has been saved, the location will be populated.

    3. Create javascript on the Case form so that when the Contact is populated, the REST endpoint is used to dynamically retrieve the location value from the Contact and populate the Case form. This will happen immediately the user selects the contact, but would not happen if the Contact was being populated by Bulk Edit, workflow or SDK update.

    So it really depends on your development skills available.

    Scott Durow

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  • Hi

    With regards to number 1...

    I don't know if it's because it's been a long week but I couldn't seem to get it to work?

    I tried creating a workflow:

    Upon Create, Update Case, Set Location = Contact Location.

    Both the Case Location and Contact Location are option set fields. Is it possible to do this with Option Set fields?

  • Hi,

    Provided you use a 'global option set' when you create the location field on the Contact and on the Case so that they match - you can copy the values between the two in a workflow. If they use 'Local' optionsets you can not.

    See -

    Hope this helps!

    Scott Durow

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  • Perfect! Thanks Scott!