How to create website with Dynamics CRM

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I am a newbie to CRM 4/11

I have the following requirement to design a CRM system

1. Dynamics CRM (4 or 11) for internal users (same domain/network)

2. more than one 3rd party websites get/post data from/to CRM

3. Another set of 3rd party users need to access CRM externally

Can anyone suggest a best design  to achieve this?  I have the following idea, Is that good ?

1. looks simple

2. develop a WCF service and deploy it in an internet faced server so that any authorised 3rd party websites can post/get data to/from CRM

3. develop a website with the required pages (e.g.: a page may have attributes from account and contact...etc.) with the login page

can we achieve this in different way (any Microsoft technologies would be preferable, ex. :  SharePoint) , I don’t want online CRM here since user don’t want to expose same number of screens



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  • Start out by looking at the SDK - it contains all the documentation and sample code you'll need to get started.

    Specifically: Portal Developer Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    If you'd rather not spend your own time creating something, Adxstudio  specializes in web portals from Dynamics CRM

    Jason Lattimer
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  • Portal Developer Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  - looks interesting .. Let me check

    Thanks Jason.

  • Hello,

    You can find in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK many guides and sample code for develop associated applications to the CRM.  Additionally you can find portals developed and their respective sources, by example: Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

    Good luck!

    Efrain Aragon
    CRM Senior Consultant

  • Hi Efrain

    I have used CRM 4 SDK and I could see same concepts in 2011 but my question was , if I need a web site with some pages then we can develop a Web Site in .NET and interact with CRM using SDK, Is that the only way? are there any other ways?


  • Thanks for sharing the helpful information. I have been searching for the way to create website with Dynamics CRM, since long time. However, I come across various tutorials present on the websites like to create customized WordPress website, but didn’t find the way to create it with Dynamics CRM. Hope this information will be of help.