CRM 4.0 : Memory hight for CRM server

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We use CRM 4.0 and and SQL Server 2005 for a many year. Recently memory  hight to 96% and  what should i do for resolve this problem. Please help and suggestion. Thank you in advance

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  • Hi Chuthamas,

    there could be many causes for this problem... the first thought... have you installed the lastest update rollup?


    Thank you, let me know please.

    Marco - LinkedIn

  • Already rollup 21

  • Is this on the SQL box or the CRM front end server? For SQL, memory utilization will be high unless you specifically limit the max memory SQL can consume. Otherwise SQL is inclined to use it up as it needs it and will keep it. This is by design and is expected behavior.

    That being said, I would suggest making sure you have maintenance plans in place for updating statistics, reorganizing/rebuilding indexes etc as these can all have negative impact on memory utilization. These would be more performance centric than a utilization percentage though. A high number doesn't = bad so if performance is good, I wouldn't really worry about it.

    Are there any new jobs on that server? SSIS, maintenance or otherwise? Any new reports recently  built?

    Now if you start to see CPU util staying up over 80% then you have some other issues you need to look at.

     Joshua Thompson
     Sr. Associate - Technology Services

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  • Hi,

    have you checked if there are some process "blocked" or "waiting" in Settings-->System Process? (Use the default view in the CRM filter).

    Let me know.



    Thank you, let me know please.

    Marco - LinkedIn

  • Hi,

    Refer to these articles for more help:


    Rajesh R.

  • Thanks for the info. I have run the script in the first of this year. Please let me how often to run this script ?

  • Hi Marco,

    Some waiting for some reason. Less than succeed process. Thank you for the help

  • Hi Josh,

    This is CRM front end server. We have made the VM for this server and allocation all resourses for matched requirement for CRM Application. Then, setting for the percent available memory below the waring limit 0f 4%.

    For the SSIS report i have a lot of report on this and a lot of user to use it  from distance. It would be to tuning or upgrade to 2012 version of SQL?  Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,

    There are few things that need to be taken care off.

    Clear all the workflows that are not in use or required. If there any workflows that run multiple times, please avoid if not required.

    Check if you have any system jobs in locked state.

    Steps :


    a. Click Advanced Find.

    b. Set the Look For to System Jobs.

    c. Specify the following criteria:  Status > Equals > Locked

    Please find below some key points.

    - Have the latest update rollup installed for CRM 4.0 server

    - If we have lot of completed system jobs that are not required then please get rid of them.

    - Refer the link -

    Are you facing any performance issues too due this?

    If yes then refer the links below

    There can be lot of workflows that are running due to which this problem can occur. Refer the link below.

    You can also  refer the links below for more help and information

    CRM 4.0 Performance White Papers  -

    I hope these will help

    Thank You !

  • Which service is using maximum memory , identify it and troubleshoot.