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Charlesbtg asked a question on 22 Jan 2014 5:54 AM

Hi, Just updated CRM2011 to UR15 and the vertical scroll bar does not work at all. When I click on the up or down arrow, the form would just move up and down for a few lines and then jump back up to where it started. This happened on both Outlook client and IE 10. I also updated Outlook client to UR15.  

Any suggestion/solution would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Moses responded on 23 Jan 2014 2:18 PM


I have not seen this happening with UR 15 in my environment, can you tell us if it happens on all the entities or on specific entities. If it is on specific entities then you may want to disable any scripts that is running on them and test it, just to narrow down the issue.


Rob Moses

Marc Reinhard responded on 3 Feb 2014 7:32 AM

Any luck figuring this out? I am experiencing the same issue.

Charlesbtg responded on 3 Feb 2014 7:40 AM


It happens on all of the forms. Not any specific entity. I am more than happy to do a screen share to show you the issue. Let me know when and where.


LisaK responded on 6 Feb 2014 2:05 PM

We have been experiencing the same issue.  I saw that UR16 was released recently, so I decided to install UR16 to one client to see if it resolved the scrolling issue (have not yet installed UR16 on our servers).  This appears to have resolved the issue, though I have really limited my testing to one user, and I did not see this listed as one of the issues addressed with UR16.  It would be interesting to see any thoughts on installing UR16 to resolve the issue.

Rob Moses responded on 11 Feb 2014 1:57 PM


If you want to do a screen sharing session, then you would have to open up a Microsoft ticket.

Thank you,

Rob Moses

Kevin White responded on 12 Feb 2014 10:39 AM

This seems to be related to IE 9 (maybe 10 and 11?). I have shown that IE 8 works fine, but IE 9 isn't allowing the scroll bars to work if you are using the Outlook Client. I hope to find a fix for this, but haven't yet. We are using RU 16 client and RU 15 on the server.

Charlesbtg responded on 12 Feb 2014 10:42 AM

Yes, IE 9,10, 11 all are having this issue. We are still at RU 15. Have not move to 16 yet.

Kevin White responded on 13 Feb 2014 6:50 AM

The web client does work, however.

Matt Tulloch responded on 16 Feb 2014 2:22 PM

Over the weekend we applied UR16 to our on premise Dynamics CRM 2011.  We were on UR11.  The scroll bars work but you cannot click and drag them either vertically or horizontals on list views at all.  We are using IE10.  Even worse when run in compatibility mode.

Work around is to click the scroll bar to jump it along rather than drag - this is causing issues for our users as drag is their preference especially for wide lists with many columns (advanced finds etc.)

As an aside I tested in ie11 and it is even worse.  Works fine however in Google chrome (which we don't support on our site).  Need a fix.

Kevin White responded on 17 Feb 2014 2:02 PM

Ok, I had a call with MS support and they fixed this for me.

Under Settings > Administration > System Settings > Customization

Bottom Option: Document Mode

Check the box. (Load pages in the most recent version of Internet Explorer)

I was able to get IE 8 and IE 10 to work without this option. However, IE 9 wouldn't work, scroll bars and some selection drop-downs weren't working. As soon as we checked this box it was fixed.

Kevin White responded on 17 Feb 2014 2:04 PM


The option I outline above (and the HTC check box above it) could cause issues for any older JavaScript code that was there before upgrading to CRM 2011. Please talk to your Dynamics CRM Partner, or use the Custom Code Validation Tool to look into code before implementing this fix.