"PrivReportingGroup" group is not specified (on recovery)

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DC... lost. CRM 2011 server... lost. SQL server... good. However, all references to AD objects are of course no longer valid.

During the CRM Setup, after specifying the SQL Server instance, choosing to connect to an existing deployment, entering in the users accounts, and the following error during the System Checks stage:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server User Input: The "PrivReportingGroup" group is not specified.

So, of course I created the group but still no success.

Any ideas?

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  • Hi David,

    Hope you are doing well. From the error message I understand that the references are completely lost in this scenario and when you are selecting existing deployment you are getting the error message

    As you have already lost the DC and CRM, I would suggest:

    • Do a complete uninstallation following the instructions at support.microsoft.com/.../946980(Applicable for CRM 4.0 and most of the steps are applicable for CRM 2011 also)

    • Do a New CRM server installation.

    • Import the Organization pointing to your ORG_MSCRM database in the newly installed CRM server

    • Use your CRM application without any issue.

    Please let me know if you have any questions