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What I want is to delegate one of my appointments in MS CRM 2011 to my college  so it appears in his activity list and in his calendar in Outlook.

If i use the assign function to delegate my appointment to a college the appointment still is in my activity list and it also remain in my calendar in Outlook, my college becomes the owner of the appointment.

If i assign one of my task in MS CRM  to my college it disappears from my activity list in MS CRM and also from my task list in Outlook

So how should I do this to make it work with apointments and can someone explain idea of assign when I use it with appointment.

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  • Thomas,

    When you assign an appointment, you are still the meeting organizer so this is why it stays in your Outlook. A task has no organizer so it will be gone from Outlook.

    The only solution I can think here is to have a workflow that creates a new appointment with the same details and different owner and deletes the old one. The problem is that there could be new notifications for all the attendees. :(

  • If I am a person who book other peoples appointment how do I create an appointment in CRM, to another person so that it appears in his calendar?

  • When you create an appointment in CRM, by default, you will see at the bottom of the appoitment form "Owner" and "Organizer", if you make the other person the owner and organizer of the meeting, it will appear on his calendar in Outlook.