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map sub grid on one form to another form?

Hello. I have a form in the contact entity that is a sub grid listing the qualifications that a contact has. I also have an interview form that is a look up to the contact. On the Interview form I want to map the qualifications already associated with the contact being interviewed How can I map...
Forum Thread | on 27 Nov 2015 by hostis

Order of Actvities in Social Pane

Hi, Is it possible to change the order of how the activities appear in the social pane, for our social pane it displays the most recent modified activity first, can I change the order to created on DESC? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 25 Nov 2015 by CRM22

Mapping Addresses

Hi, For a couple of accounts, their location wont populate on the bing map in the account form , even though the address exists and it has a lat/long. I looked at the "Available Addresses" for the bing map to use and it was only Address1 or Address2 , is there anyway I could get it to use...
Forum Thread | on 11 Nov 2015 by CRM22

Form can't find lookup for some fields

I have a form in CRM 2013 with multiple field. Some of my fields have lookups but there's a problem with some of them. When entering the name, the lookup works when the first name or last name is entered first. This is how I want it to be. My problem is in other fields if I enter the second word...
Forum Thread | on 21 Oct 2015 by phil652

Bug on forms based on security roles?

We have faced with our Dynamics CRM Online instance a bug with the security roles. We have defined for our different sales and service teams different views (accounts, contacts, opportunities). It happened in the past 2 weeks several times that randomly some users suddenly saw a different view. We haven't...
Forum Thread | on 20 Oct 2015 by walter@eqs

setFocus on Notes/Annotations section?

Hi, Is it possible to setFocus(cursor) on the notes/annotations section , if a field has a value of YES. Then the user enters in a note? Can I go this through javascript or a business rule? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 7 Oct 2015 by CRM22

Calling Dialogs in a form.

Hi, Im trying to use multiple dialogs on a form. The dialogs are activated when a fields value is changed. But on one of the fields the wrong dialog is changed. I have checked the code and it linking to the correct dialog,. Is there a limit to how many dialogs can be called in a form? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 6 Oct 2015 by CRM22

How to add the command bar buttons to CRM App

Hi, Is it possible to add the command bar buttons to the crm app. An example of when I need the command bar , is when I want to qualify a lead but I can seem to do it in the mobile app? Is it possible? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 25 Sep 2015 by CRM22

notes for custom entity not displaying

I currently cannot add or view notes for my custom entity. When I go to the notes section it says "Loading". When I do a print preview I can see the notes. Any thoughts?? I am currently running Microsoft CRM Online 2015 Update not Update 1.
Forum Thread | on 16 Sep 2015 by chicago60607

What's the best way to provide for large daily data entry sets?

We have >30k CRM Online accounts. Offline (in Excel) we manually capture an additional 200 unique data points for each account. Each data point can be 1 of 5 options. What is the best way in CRM Online to provide for this kind of large data capture on a daily basis? I could create 200 option lists...
Forum Thread | on 7 Sep 2015 by ara

RE: Unable To Create Form(Entitlement)

Hi Rahul, I don`t know the reason why the forms were deleted, but anyway you could export the same entity from another org (preferably in the same version) and import into your current org so the form will be also imported.
Forum Reply | on 25 Aug 2015 by Flávia Takushi

How to mark form as being saved?

In the Dynamics system that I'm working on, there is an entity with a custom form. There is a special field on this custom form. When it contains certain values, the Javascript code that handles the save event for the form cancels the default event with eventArgs.preventDefault() and instead executes...
Forum Thread | on 18 Aug 2015 by Daniel Allen Langdon

Form Based on Status of lead and Security role

I want to create a form that hides lead contact info to certain security roles only if the lead has been designated as expired. So, before the lead is expired, sales reps can see contact info for a lead. After it is expired that info isn't visible to them anymore. Is this possible?
Forum Thread | on 17 Aug 2015 by furibe

Slow loading forms following update to CRM 2015 Rollup 1 Online

Hi, We were upgraded to Roll-up 1 a couple of days ago by Microsoft and since then we have noticed a real degradation in the performance of forms loading. It's not every time a form loads, perhaps 1 in 5 times, but it can take up to 2 minutes to load a standard form. It is not limited by entity...
Forum Thread | on 12 Aug 2015 by Steady

Possible to show Account Address on Appointment Form?

Hi , Is it possible to Show the Address , from whatever is entered in the regarding field. In the regarding field it could be an account,lead, opportunity, contact names. I would like to also display the addresses that belong to the account, lead , opportunity, contact. Thanks
Forum Thread | on 11 Aug 2015 by CRM22

Blank Contacts??

Hi , This might be a silly question, but here goes. I have a lot of contacts with no data at all. I created a filter where Full Name- Does Not Contain Data. When I click into any of the results the form is returned blank . I then added Customer Name(Client Ref) to the column view and it returns Names...
Forum Thread | on 7 Aug 2015 by CRM22

CRM Auto-Generating Cases in Error

Users are inputting cases but CRM is auto-generating new cases with the same information despite multiple required fields in the form. For example, in the below 4 cases have generated by the same user within the same minute for the same ID number. Is there any way to prevent this?
Forum Thread | on 30 Jul 2015 by erin_dunbar