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Setting Quick Create Form - not working

Hi All, I've created a new quick create form for cases but I can't get it to appear. After creating the form I have saved it, set the order so my new one is at the top, published customization. But it's still showing the old form when I click the quick create button. I've tried saving...
Forum Thread | on 17 Jan 2016 by Joel Cahill

CRM Form to pdf

Does CRM online, support the capability of changing a CRM-form into a PDF file that includes all the data in the present fields on the forms. If not, what would be a good solution? Thanks in advance..
Forum Thread | on 14 Jan 2016 by suleiman.ali

Forms starting to not load in CRM 2015

My company upgraded to CRM 2015 from CRM 2011 about 3 months ago. After many, many trials & errors, our system now seems to be running fine. Yesterday, after making some enhancements in one of our solutions that is on our Development server, I imported it into our Test Org. As I started to test...
Forum Thread | on 12 Jan 2016 by Erie County Programmer

Supported method of loading CSS stylesheets to Forms in CRM 2015/2016

Hello! Our company has been using CRM for over a decade and it has become a very important part of our business. We are currently on CRM 2016 on prem. We are very happy with all of the improvements made however, our users absolutely hate the new color scheme. In addition, we need entity specific and...
Forum Thread | on 8 Jan 2016 by jccjohn00

RE: Accommodating small / laptop monitors with CRM 2015+

We are going to look at creating a separate set of forms for those users who are on small laptop screens, and collapsing the process flow automatically for them. It's not perfect, as scrolling the entire header with the body would be ideal, but we'll try to make it work. We may also try to...
Forum Reply | on 6 Jan 2016 by Eric Vasbinder

Field TabIndex order in form section

Hello, I have a section (two columns format) with multiple fields, and would like: when user press "Tab" (on keyboard) to move from left to right, not top to bottom. Is there an out-of-box way to do this, or supported JavaScript code? Thank you Mihailo
Forum Thread | on 5 Jan 2016 by Mihailo Bajceta

On-Line Form Issues

I'm very new to CRM Online, so please forgive me if this sounds silly. I'm trying to edit a form, but none of the fields are staying. What am I doing wrong? Is the customization process different from online to on-prem? Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 10 Dec 2015 by mocruz255

Accommodating small / laptop monitors with CRM 2015+

Hi all, We are currently rolling out the use of Dynamics CRM 2015 on premise to our sales staff. Many of them are remote, with small 15" laptop monitors. When viewing our forms, with header, footer, and process flow showing, there is only a very tiny window for the actual form screen to view...
Forum Thread | on 10 Dec 2015 by Eric Vasbinder

Spell Checker in Firefox Not Working

Hi, I'm using Firefox for CRM Online, If I make a spelling error it underlines the word, I can right click, chose the correct word but it does not change to the correct word? Could this be a setting in Firefox or CRM, I have checked internet explorer and it works fine. Thanks,
Forum Thread | on 9 Dec 2015 by CRM22

map sub grid on one form to another form?

Hello. I have a form in the contact entity that is a sub grid listing the qualifications that a contact has. I also have an interview form that is a look up to the contact. On the Interview form I want to map the qualifications already associated with the contact being interviewed How can I map...
Forum Thread | on 27 Nov 2015 by hostis

Order of Actvities in Social Pane

Hi, Is it possible to change the order of how the activities appear in the social pane, for our social pane it displays the most recent modified activity first, can I change the order to created on DESC? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 25 Nov 2015 by CRM22

Mapping Addresses

Hi, For a couple of accounts, their location wont populate on the bing map in the account form , even though the address exists and it has a lat/long. I looked at the "Available Addresses" for the bing map to use and it was only Address1 or Address2 , is there anyway I could get it to use...
Forum Thread | on 11 Nov 2015 by CRM22

Form can't find lookup for some fields

I have a form in CRM 2013 with multiple field. Some of my fields have lookups but there's a problem with some of them. When entering the name, the lookup works when the first name or last name is entered first. This is how I want it to be. My problem is in other fields if I enter the second word...
Forum Thread | on 21 Oct 2015 by phil652

Bug on forms based on security roles?

We have faced with our Dynamics CRM Online instance a bug with the security roles. We have defined for our different sales and service teams different views (accounts, contacts, opportunities). It happened in the past 2 weeks several times that randomly some users suddenly saw a different view. We haven't...
Forum Thread | on 20 Oct 2015 by walter@eqs

setFocus on Notes/Annotations section?

Hi, Is it possible to setFocus(cursor) on the notes/annotations section , if a field has a value of YES. Then the user enters in a note? Can I go this through javascript or a business rule? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 7 Oct 2015 by CRM22

Calling Dialogs in a form.

Hi, Im trying to use multiple dialogs on a form. The dialogs are activated when a fields value is changed. But on one of the fields the wrong dialog is changed. I have checked the code and it linking to the correct dialog,. Is there a limit to how many dialogs can be called in a form? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 6 Oct 2015 by CRM22

How to add the command bar buttons to CRM App

Hi, Is it possible to add the command bar buttons to the crm app. An example of when I need the command bar , is when I want to qualify a lead but I can seem to do it in the mobile app? Is it possible? Thanks
Forum Thread | on 25 Sep 2015 by CRM22

notes for custom entity not displaying

I currently cannot add or view notes for my custom entity. When I go to the notes section it says "Loading". When I do a print preview I can see the notes. Any thoughts?? I am currently running Microsoft CRM Online 2015 Update not Update 1.
Forum Thread | on 16 Sep 2015 by chicago60607

What's the best way to provide for large daily data entry sets?

We have >30k CRM Online accounts. Offline (in Excel) we manually capture an additional 200 unique data points for each account. Each data point can be 1 of 5 options. What is the best way in CRM Online to provide for this kind of large data capture on a daily basis? I could create 200 option lists...
Forum Thread | on 7 Sep 2015 by ara

RE: Unable To Create Form(Entitlement)

Hi Rahul, I don`t know the reason why the forms were deleted, but anyway you could export the same entity from another org (preferably in the same version) and import into your current org so the form will be also imported.
Forum Reply | on 25 Aug 2015 by Flávia Takushi