Barcode with Carriage Return not working

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Have an HP rp5700 with an HP USB Barcode Scanner.  Using Microsoft POS 2.0.  If the scanner is set to defaults while in POS and you scan an item it types the number but I of course need it to hit enter after each scan. If I use the HP provided programming sheet to configure the scanner to append the carriage return to the scan then when I scan in POS  nothing at all happens.  If I open up notepad it works perfectly, I scan a barcode, it types it out and drops to the next line.  Anybody seen this before?  I'm at a loss here...

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  • Which model is teh HP USB Scanner.  Sometimes you have to enable a double return and sometimes you need a LF+CR.  it justs depends.

     Ed Boyer

    Ed Boyer

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  • It's the EY022AT.  I'll give it a try and let you know.  My customer is about 3 hours from me so I'll have to walk them through it over the phone and hopefully have them not do something we can't get undone, :)