Upgrade Paths to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

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Hello Community!  Are you ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?  We are happy to announce the RTM of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

Check out the official RTM release notice from Errol Schoenfish!


There are two direct upgrade paths to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 - 10.00.1779 – KB 2599501 US Year End Update or any later build >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
2. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - 11.00.1860 – KB 2599505 US Year End Update or any later build >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

If you are currently on an older build, you will have to take a couple hops to get to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 or 2010 >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
2. Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains 8.0 >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 >> Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Stay tuned for the Upgrade Hot Topic out soon!

Happy Upgrading!

  • I upgraded on 32 bit on test server, but on production server, I have windows 2008 R2 64 bit, GP Build 11.00.1752 SP2, Dexterity Version 11.00.0349, Smartlist 11.00.1734, to upgrade to GP2013 I need to update my GP to 11.00.1860. so I run MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2552044-ENU but it give me error "dex.dic version 11.00.0349 is not compatible with executable version 11.00.0352" and if I run later update MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2599505-ENU it gives me error "dex.dic version 11.00.0349 is not compatible with executable version 11.00.0354" , in both cases error comes 2 time, and then after click on OK, Dexterity Shared Components 11 (64 bit) installation completed. but when I run GP,  or GP utilities it gives me same dex.dic version compatibility error. I downloaded dex11.0.0359 and install it, but after its installation, when I run to upgrade build of gp , same error occurred. please help me.

  • Hi Khurram...Good Morning!  You could try to rename the Dex.dic in your GP folder and then run a Repair on the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.  If you still have issues, I would recommend opening a Support Case.  Thanks!

  • I am on 9.0 SP1.  What is the best route to update to 2013?  Which version will the client run on Windows 7?

  • Hey Jeff.  I would recommend upgrading to the latest Service Pack for GP 9.0 first, and then upgrading to GP 2010 (latest release).  Once you've upgraded to GP 2010 you would be able to upgrade directly to GP 2013.  You can find all of the links and docs you need to upgrade to GP 2010 from GP 9.0 at the following link:


  • Chris -  thanks alot.  I will give that a try in my lab.  I'm assuming that 2010 client will run on Windows 7?

  • Yep, that should be fine!