If you have someone reporting that their POP invoices are splitting the debits into one batch in GL and the credits in another batch upon posting, check to see if they are registered for Multicurrency and if they have a functional currency assigned in the MC40000 table.


If customers are NOT registered for MC , and they use a 3rd party hand held device or importing process to bring in shipment receipts, the Invoice receipt (that is applied to that shipment receipt) is splitting in GL when posted.


Cause: The 3rd party/import bringing in the shipments looks to see if a functional currency is assigned.  If it has a functional currency it puts that currency ID/index on the shipment receipt line in the POP10500.  When an invoice is manually entered and applied to that shipment the Accrued Purchases account index line in the POP10390 is being populated with the currency id/index from the shipment, however the Accounts Payable index line does not, therefore causing it to split in the GL when posted.


To resolve moving forward you can run update statements against the tables to populate or remove the data in those fields before posting the new invoices.  To fix permanently you will need to contact 3rd party or modify the import process to populate the way Great Plains should be updating.  If you are unsure how it should populate, manually enter a Purchase Order, Shipment and Invoice receipts and review the data in the backend to see how the Currency Index and ID fields are getting populated.


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Manufacturing populates the POP10100 and POP10110 with a Currency Index/ID, However it does not populate the shipment receipt with the Currency Index/ID and therefore doesn’t cause an issue when matched and posted.


Angela Ebensteiner

Technical Lead