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Yesterday I was testing the RM Auto Apply tool that is offered from Microsoft for GP.  The install is just dropping the RMApply.cnk in the GP folder.  I did the usual process and the tool installed correctly.  I then decided I didn't want to use it and pulled the info out of the dynamics.set file.  All is fine at that point.

Today, I wanted to re-install it as I found that I may want to use it after all.  I went through the process again (dropping the chunk) and got the "New Code" message and all seemed well.  But when I go into GP, the tool is not there (Trx>Sales>Mass Apply Credit Docs).  I looked at the .set file and there is no entry for it there either.  

We're using GP10 on a terminal server.  There are a few users logged in as were yesterday when I did the install.   I'm logging in as SA and using a test company. I've followed all of the instructions regarding security settings, etc. with no luck.  

I took the entries from another copy of the .set file where installed the tool on my local, personal install, and put them into the production .set (after making a copy).  I got errors on that because it doesn't look like the .cnk created the dictionaries...

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Jim,

    You may need to "run as Administrator" to get the chunk file to install correctly.  If you take this approach you will need to remove the entries to the .set you manually added.  The other option is to leave the entries you manually added and then rename the .cnk file to .dic.

    Let me know if one of these works.

    Terry Blaser

    Dex and SQL Developer

    Straight Arrow Consulting, Inc.


  • Hi Jim,

    Is the cnk file still in the dynamics folder? Did you delete the original .dic file associated with that product?


    Leslie Vail, CPA, MVP, MCT, MCITP, MCP, MCITS
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  • Hi Leslie,

    Originally I did not delete the .dic file, but I just did and then un-chunked again with no luck.  The dictionary file IS created, but there are no options for "Mass Apply..." as I saw when I first installed successfully (neither in the .set or anywhere in GP).  

    Any other thoughts?


  • Hey Terry,

    I tried the Run As, and that didn't change anything.  Originally it installed correctly, it's just since I've removed it manually, I can't get it back.  See my comments on my replay to Leslie below.