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How do you add a field for the company phone and fax number on the SOP blank invoice form? I noticed these fields aren't available and I have so far created a calculated field, but the number shows up as 12345678910000, when I would like it to read (123) 456-7891.  Is it possible to set the ph and fax number format to (xxx) xxx-xxxx?

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  • Hi - The fields are available under 'Globals' in report writer.

    They should format on the SOP Blank Invoice report same as you see on screen.

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  • Thanks Ian. Maybe I'm not looking closely enough, but I was only able to find "Phone 1" which is the company phone number. No field titled Fax No. or Company Fax. No.  Even with the Phone 1 field, the format is (xxx)xxx-xxxx ext xxx.  Is there anyway to adjust that format to (xxx) xxx-xxxx?

  • Did you ever figure this out?  Need to do the same thing only to the packing slip

  • Hi,

    Yes, you can change the format by editing the existing format in Report Writer. Find the phone number format and assign it to the field. Open the format and change the mask:



    Delete the 'EXT. XXXX' part of the format and then insert it to the right and replace the existing format string.


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  • Hi,

    I also need to add the company fax number to the sop invoice, were you able to resolve this?



  • Deb

    You need create a calculated field .



    System Manager



    Script type:

    Global function

    Form (If a form global):


    Data Retrieval


    Returns a string field from the Company Address table for the given Address ID. Leave IN_Address_Code blank for company default location.

    IN_Field should use the following values:-

    1 = Contact Name

    2 = Address 1

    3 = Address 2

    4 = Address 3

    5 = City

    6 = State

    7 = Zip

    8 = Country

    9 = Phone 1

    10 = Phone 2

    11 = Phone 3

    12 = Fax

    13 = Country Code

    14 = County

    15 = Address Name

    16 = Address ID




    in 'Address Code' IN_Address_Code. { Leave Blank for Default }

    in integer IN_Field. { Field to Return }

    Return Value:

    function returns string OUT_String.



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  • Deb,

    Check this post where step by step procedures on how to add the fax number to a report writer report is detailed.



    Sanjay Kumar Rajarao. ACA, MCP |