SOP GL Distribution Substitution

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 We are on GP8 sp3.

IN SOP the distribution for Sales, COGS, Inventory (and a few others) are all determined by the site ID for Branch segment substitution. Our site ID equals a physical retail branch or warehouse. We also have sales territories set up for each branch and various sales people assinged to these territories.

Our retail branches are measured and remunerated on their Gross Profit (using FRx reports). There is no balance sheet reporting for branches although there are a few balance sheet accounts for each branch.

The issue - One branch (e.g. WN) does all the work for a sale but the goods get delivered from a warehouse or another branch (e.g. LH). ON the sales order the sales person and sales territory (WN) But the site ID changes to where the physical stock is being delivered from (LH). This results in the Sales, cost and inventory distributions going to LH branch that did none of the hard work. So the manager of the WN branch (that did all the work) gets frustrated as he misses out on revenue.

Is anyone aware of any 3rd party products or customisations where the distribution substitution for Inventory is driven from the Site ID but the sales/COGS distribution substitution are driven from the sales territory? Any other comments would be appreciated.

Regards Barty

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