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Matthew Snyder asked a question on 30 Mar 2010 1:45 PM
I'm looking for a diagram I once saw of all GP modules and the pricing tiers. Does anybody know where I could download one? Thanks!
Frank Hamelly responded on 31 Mar 2010 6:59 AM

Are you a Microsoft Partner?  If so, you should be able to download the document from PartnerSource.  If not, you'll need to consult your GP Partner for pricing info.

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Frank E. Hamelly, MCP-GP, MCP-AX, MCITP, MCT, MVP

Matthew Snyder responded on 31 Mar 2010 7:09 AM
No we are not a Partner. Sorry I should've been more specific. The diagram (the one I have is old for GP9 that was picked up at Convergence) does not have prices. Rather it just groups the modules by tier. Does this exist for GP10? Thanks!