How to find the notes master table (SY03900) in GP SmartList Builder

How to find the notes master table (SY03900) in GP SmartList Builder

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With SmartList Builder in Great Plains: How to find the notes master table (SY03900).  I'm trying to look under Sales in Great Plains and so far, no luck... Thanks a lot!

I was advised that the notes master table (SY03900) contains customer notes created in Customer Maintenance Window. I need to these customer notes to Smartlist.

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  • Just to be specific, I'm asking what do I need to select for "Product" and "Series" in SmartListBuilder in Great Plains in order to get customer notes that are created in Customer Maintenance Window?

  • You will need to look under Microsoft Dynamics GP as the product and company as the series to find Record Notes Master.

    However, you don't need to add the table just to see the notes.  Find the Note Index column in the RM Customer MSTR table.  Click on it and then click the blue arrow up above to change the format of the field. You should see a checkbox that says "Note Index - Show Note" and it should be marked automatically.  

  • Hi Barbara,

    Cellan is right,  or u can check that table(SY03900) under Sql Table Security  to create a new smartlist to see the customer notes


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