Losing FRx is Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013

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We have been using FRx for over 6 years and works beautifully.  I've just discovered that FRx will not work with Dynamics GP 2013.  This is horrible news.  From what I've researched we have to use "Dynamics Management Reporter" whatever that is, yet I see it listed under our reg keys, but no license key for it. 

I checked the downloads page for this on Customersource, yet Dynamics GP 2013 is not listed as compatible.  So we use nothing???  I've also read of many features not available such as row linking, which maybe 50% of our hundreds of reports use. 

We paid over $14,000 for FRx and annually pay enhancments on it (around $2k).  Where did all that money go if it hasn't been changed in over 2 years??

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  • There was never a separate charge for FRx. It was always included in the price of GP. Management Reporter is its replacement. You should see your registration keys for Management Reporter ustomerSource. If not, contact your reseller or sales operations directly at 1-800-456-0025. There is a migration tool to take your FRx report to MR.

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  • Management Reporter does support Dynamics GP 2013.


  • Hi there,

    There is a very good website called www.frxbuzz.com, where you can find loads of information on FRx and MR. The link below shows you what some of the differences are between the two, pros and cons.


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  • Hi mebenz,

    I feel your pain. FRx is a very nice, easy to install, easy to learn package. The good news is that it's easy to migrate your existing reports so long as you follow the recommendations. You don't have to upgrade right away, so let the Frx folks at Microsoft know exactly what your issues are. The upgrades we have enjoyed in Management Reporter 12 were mostly from people like you who use it every day. Speak louder and let your issues be known!

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  • Richard, just as an fyi - there are many companies that paid for additional FRx licensing beyond what was included with GP. Sometimes it was for additional users, other times for additional functionality.

    Mebenz - the key for Management Reporter won't be listed with the rest of the keys, but there will be a link on that same page to get it - it's usually a very long key, so it opens in a separate file.

  • Thanks for reminding me. I gues for $14,000 they must have had a whole bunch of extra users! This reminds me of FRx Webport and FRX Report Server. They would add up quickly. My mistake.

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  • Thanks Victoria.  I thought the download keys for all my reg keys and when it kept displaying that crazy long text file I thought I had issues.  

    I just checked Customersource again and MR is not supported on Dynamics 2013.  So what do we do?  What's ERP?  If this is the wrong link, where do we download MR?  It's not listed under products/service packs and it's not located within the Dynamics 2013 image I just downloaded.

    This page contains links to the regional Install and Service Packs that have been released for Management Reporter 2012. Management Reporter 2012 integrates with the following Microsoft Dynamics ERPs:

    Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009

    Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012

    Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010

    Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009 R2

    Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2011

  • Management Reporter 2012 is available and supported with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. The same installation package is used for all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

    My apologies that the download page isn't up to date. It is currently being updated and will reflect the appropriate support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.


  • FrxBuzz.com is a good source for Management Reporter information, but I would note that the post comparing FRx to Management Reporter that is noted above is from 2008. There have been many enhancements made to Management Reporter since that time.

    A good source of Management Reporter information that is updated weekly is the team blog site at blogs.msdn.com/.../dynamicscpm. Here you will find information on the latest releases, many videos of features and links to other resources. There is also a lot of information on success when moving from FRx to Management Reporter.

  • Hi Mbenz, I wanted to let you know you are correct.......while management reporter is a good product, you are correct it does not support Row Linking which to me is a huge disadvantage to FRx.

    I was in Fargo at a MS conference and questioned them about this and unfortunately they don't seem to have any plans to fix this large hole in their product anytime soon.


  • Hi G1, I have to agree with you there, not having row link is big disadvantage.

  • For customers that have a SQL Server, Domain Controller plus terminal servers (citrix) as their clients, does it really need a separate server for the Management Reporter Services?  How much processing can they possibly use?  I'd like to avoid having to have yet another server configured for this.  

  • It's not required that the Management Reporter services be installed on a dedicated server. Each of your clients will have a unique topology and can decide how they want to deploy Management Reporter.  In many cases we see customers that have the Management Reporter database alongside their ERP database on the same SQL Server.


  • We only have 1 client (a citrix server that all users log into) so I'm confused as to what these unique topologies are.  

    If it's not required that the MR services be installed on a dedicated server, where does Microsoft recommend it be installed?  What's the relationship between the MR Client, the MR service and the actual MR database and the Dynamics company databases (we have over 20)?

    If the MR database is NOT on the same sql server as the Dynamics' databases, then those clients have to purchase multiple licenses for SQL ($$$$).  How big does this MR database get?  Does it not just hold the building blocks of each report?  The data for the reports actually resides within each Dynamics company DB.

  • Hi mebenzr.

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