When you run this command from ribbon Setup->Fixed Assets Setup, you will open page that is very small different than NAV standard Fixed Assets Setup page. If we look a little deeper, we will see that it is a completely new page – Mini Fixed Asset Setup (1353), but this page is very similar with standard FA Setup page, except the new ribbon.

We cannot find many only Insurance configuration. Otherwise, this is a small setup, but all we need is here. On the other hand, we have more configuration in comparison with standard FA Setup page on ribbon. There are all functionality, you need to configure, divided by sections:


You can setting up FA Classes, FA Subclasses and FA Locations.


You can setup Depreciation Books to perform various depreciation purposes, such as tax and financial statements.

You can also configure Depreciation Tables to setup the different depreciation methods you will use to depreciate fixed assets.


You can define how to handle the Write-Down, Appreciation, Custom 1, and Custom 2 posting types that you use when posting to fixed assets using FA Posting Type Setup command.

You can use FA Posting Groups to setup the G/L accounts to which transactions are posted for fixed assets for each posting group, so that you can assign them to the relevant fixed assets.

Journal Templates

You can use FA Journal Templates for setup number series and reason codes in the journals that you use for fixed asset posting and FA Reclass. Journal Templates for the same reason when you use FA Reclass. Journals.