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I know how to create page/codeunit web services and to expose them. I can call NAV web services from external (C#) programs.

How do i call an external Web Service from NAV?  



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  •  Here is a how to  example.


  • Is there any documentation available on this? (As it is there in case i want to do it other way round)

  • here is the link to documentation

  • Thanks.

    I have gone through these document. With help of this i can expose a Page or Codeunit web service from NAV. I can consume the same from a C# program.

    But, I want to consume a web service from NAV exposed by 3rd Party application. (e.g In customer card, i want to show the current stock (NASDAQ) value of the customer. To do that i need to call any standard web services exposed by different websites. How do i call a web service FROM NAV?)

    I have got some sample code from the download section but was looking for some documentation as we do have some (to call NAV web services from outside) in MSDN/Product DVD.

  •  you can look at this post on how to use Nav to consume a webservice.


  • Thanks. It was helpful.

    (have a parallel thread running in mibuso. Hence dropping this.)

  • hi,

    Consuming nav web services from C/L Code (NAV on NAV)

    Great idea, post & solution here:!


    Roberto Stefanetti