How is unit cost calculated in NAV 2009 Classic using FIFO?

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We use FIFO costing in NAV 2009 classic and trying to determine where the unit cost comes from.

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  • Hi there, these two links may help


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    With FIFO, the system will recalculate the Unit Cost when Adjust Cost Item Entries is run, or automatically, if Automatic Cost Adjustment is set to Always in Inventory Setup (Note if set to something other than Always, Adjust Cost would need to be run periodically and especially before reporting at month end).  

    The system uses the cost adjustment functionality to push the final cost through by recoording an adjustment value entry to adjust the original cost to the final cost based on the applied entries in the Item Application Entries Table. Once fully adjusted, the system then udpates the Unit Cost as an average of the remaining FIFO layers.

    I did see the material linked to the initial request, too, but wanted to provide some additional guidance, as well. Have a great day. Please let us know if you have further questions.

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