Image specification for Item and Customer picture, size format

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I'm trying to add pictures to items and customer files.

Does anyone know what are the specifications for the file ? Size , format?

I have tried different sizes and format and for most part none worked.

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  • Robert,

    Thanks for your great question about pictures on Items and Customer Files. I have been using either a .bmp or .jpg file and as for the size I’ve used anywhere from 24.3 KB to 6.42 KB. I did notice with the 24.3 KB the picture was somewhat larger than what the default view of the picture is. Let me know whether you have additional questions or if this was able to help you.

    Thank, Nicole

  • RMS Question

    What size in pixels (width & height)  for pictures of Items.



  • Danny,

    Thanks for your question regarding the size in pixels for pictures in Items. The pictures that I was using are 160x160, I used a 223x293 and that image was too long. I personally like seeing the whole image without having to scroll to view the whole image. Let me know whether this was helpful or if you are looking for something different.

    Thanks Nicole

  • This .NET Imaging SDK enables you to process your image based on own needs, such as resize the image and  change image formats. You can use it to get your customized image. It supports many image and document formats.