Global Customer Account Payments

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Were experiencing some confusion/issues with customer account payments in RMS HQ.

Here is the scenario.

  • Customer account record is created at Store 1
  • Customer purchases products on account at store 1 to the value of £17.10
  • Some time later, the customer enters Store 2
  • The customer wants to make a payment at store 2
    • In POS at Store 2 the payment successfully contacts HQ to get current A/Rs
    • The box is selected for the A/R that needs to be paid
    • The payment is completed as a cash transaction
    • The receipt printer prints the payment and it is recorded in the journal

The problem is however, the customer account balance does not return to zero and the payment details are not listed in their account activity screen.

In the databases, the payment record exists at Store 2 and HQ. There is a record sat in ARHistoryMirror which contains all the relevant data in Store 2 and HQ databases.

Why is it that this payment doesn;t appear to be "Completed"?

This is the first time this retailer has tried making remote store payments so the first time the issue has occured so it could be misconfigured. The only thing I spotted which made this customer record any different was that "Assess finance charges" was false in the database, but i'm not sure how this could have stopped the payment processing.

Do you have any ideas?

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  • Hi, does anyone have any ideas?

  • Hey Matt,

    Thank you for your question regarding Global Customer Accounts.

    When you say that the account balance does not return to zero or not listed in their account activity screen, is this at Store 1, Store 2, or HQ?

    Is ARHistoryMirror Store 1 where the purchase was made?

    When you say why does the payment not seem to appear to be "complete" mean that you do not see the payment at Store 1?

    Thanks, Nicole

  • Hi Nicole,

    The balance is incorrect and the payment is missing from the account screen at all stores and HQ.

    The record in ARHistoryMirror exists at both store 1 and HQ.

    The payment exists at Store 1 and HQ in the payment table. But it does not appear anywhere in the user interface - its more a summary of the issues alreadydiscussed.



  • We are having same issues at our stores. After a payment was collected at store 2, it should say balance is zero at all stores and HQ. But when I check balance for that customer on HQ or Store1 or Store2, it still says balance. But if i close the billing cycle for this customer from HQ, it says balance is zero.

    I think problem is with RMS not posting payment on Store1 after collecting at Store2.