SQL problem, RMS 2.0.1006 installed windows 8,

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Hello, I read some post and topic in internet, where people are saying they are using RMS in windows 8 with SQL Server 2012 Express. But I am not able to get it to work. When I try to connect to the Database server, it throws an error saying "Error 55555, severity 16, state 1 was raised, but no message with that error number was found in sys.message". But when I go to configure dialog box, (Database tab) and enter the same information, it gives me a message saying "Database Connection Successful".

I search the internet regarding this but there is not concrete answer mentioned. Some solution says install SQL 2005 Backward compatibility components, but none of the answers or reply are clearly stated that can solve this problem.

Can anyone help???

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  • You do need to install the 2005 Backward Compatiblity Components.

  • Any idea, where I can get that from?

  • This should do the trick: download.microsoft.com/.../SQLServer2005_BC.msi

  • Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately, this backward compatibility package is not compatible with windows 8 and cannot be installed. Any idea about this.. ??

  • Hmm, I don't have any experience with Windows 8. What's the error it gives you? Is it 64 bit? If so you can try this link and choose SQLServer2005_BC_x64.msi: www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx If 32 bit, give SQLServer2005_BC.msi a try as it looks like it may be a newer version of the one from the other link I gave you.

  • Hello Andy,

    Thank you for posting your question, and thank you Benv for your reply.

    Does it allow you to install the Backwards Compatibility if you save it to the desktop and 'Run as Administrator'?


    Clint Skog

  • Nope, it does not work. I am talking to one of the member from the support team, hopefully, I will be able to get some solution soon.

  • Working fine for me!  Running 30 Win7 and 3 Win 8 machines on 2.0.1006.

  • What is the version of the windows 8 OS, that you are using?

  • I assumed you got this to work, otherwise;

    From here: www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx

    if running 32 bit, download ENU\x86\SQLServer2005_BC.msi

    if running 64 bit, download ENU\x64\SQLServer2005_BC.msi

    Whichever you install, there is only need the install the DMO line, 2nd one down, you can forgo the rest if you want.

    -- Regards,

    Jeff Hobbs
    Check Point Software

  • Thanks for the response but i could not make it work, so I switched to windows 7 and that resolved all the problems. Thanks  all of you guys for the help you provided.