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We have discovered a limit to the number of rows that can be copied from Excel into the SL 2011 grids.  For example, unable to copy 2,600 rows into the Journal Transactions screen.  Another example, is unable to copy 2,000 rows into the Voucher and Adjustment Entry screen.  Does anyone know of a resolution for this?

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  • Hello Kimberly,

    I found a bug in which states that the limit of the number of lines that can be copied into the Journal Transactions screen is somewhere around 2,500.  Might just be a limitation of the grid control or the kernel.  This issue also existed in 7.0.  So I'm not sure if this is truly a bug or by design.  Your options are to copy in the Excel rows in blocks of 2,000 rows or maybe use Transaction Import to bring in the data.


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