How does Domain name change affect Dynamics SL?

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Our company is going to do a domain name change in few weeks. How will this affect the Dynamics SL environment.

We are Dynamics SL 2011, with windows authentication.

We are in the procee of upgrading to FP1.

Should we wait for FP1 upgrade untill after the domain name change? Or it does not matter?

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  • Changing the Windows Domain is straight forward afa SL is concerned.

    First, your sysadmin account needs to be reset in the Database Administration tool.

    Once you do that, you can log in and change the "Windows Account" info in the User Maintenance screen.

    Butch Adams

  • What if the client has an old domain name that has a ".org" as part of it?  For example is the domain name...  Setting up users in SL doesn't seem to like it.  I am wondering if there could be a DNS issue...

  • The .org tld should be immaterial to the problem. It is more likely that the domain is using a non-AD DNS server to resolve so SL cannot find AD to check the credentials. Try formatting the Windows username as NTDomain\Username rather than

    Butch Adams