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rodi asked a question on 1 Jul 2013 9:40 PM

hi there,

we use dynamic SL 2011.

when we make sales order / shipper, error message about stock will go negative. why this often happen? how to prevent this?


Keidonn Noel responded on 5 Jul 2013 6:52 PM


Check that the default warehouse location for the inventory id in that particular site is setup correctly. Secondly you have to make sure that there is "Qty Available" for the inventory item. I don't know if this behaviour has been changed in SL2011 but in 7.0 unless you set the system to allow negative inventory you will not be able to create and close a sales order but you are able to create a shipper regardless of inventory balances.

Hope this helps

rodi responded on 11 Jul 2013 5:23 PM


stock is available while user create SO. but that thing often happen.

Is this bug by microsoft? need resolution here. I'm just told to update the table. but this way somehow very disturbing, IT engineer can't be stay in his desk every time.