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What is populating the Customer Maintenance Future Balance field? The Property window is showing bcustagebal.arfutrbal. I can't find a table, proc, view, etc. that has anything in the ballpark to this name. I went through the ARDOC to see if maybe there was some sort of future balance field that I had missed, but I can't find anything there or in a handfull of other tables that makes any sense.

We have some customers that have this field populated, yet myself and the folks in accounting can't figure out how that could have happened. We're all scratching our heads on this one!

If anyone can help me figure out how this is calculated and/or where to find it in SQL tables that would be awesome.



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  • Hi Jenny,

    Try using the Customer Inquiry screen. Bring up the customer that has a future balance. Then click on the icon to the right of the Future balance amount to review documents--these documents might be set to post to a future period.



  • Hi Jenny

    You can use Aged -  AR report under the Accounts Receivable module to know the open invoices which falls under various aging buckets (includes Future Balance too)


    Santhosh D

  • Hi DB and Santhosh!

    Thank you for these suggestions! The problem that we are having is our Aged AR report has gone a bit out of control in the last 6 months. It started with our upgrade and some integration issues and we are still chiseling our way back out. Thankfully, I believe we are now in the home stretch!

    In mid-November we had abour 1500 pages of open Invoices on our Aged AR. Today, we have it down to about 150 pages. The Future documents have been sporatic at best. We have over 100,000 customers in Customer Maintenance, so going through each one to see if they do or don't have a future balance will be tedious. I think I'll do a combination of what you both suggested - Run the report to find who has a future balance, and then dig into that person's documents to see what happened.

    In speaking with our AR and Accounting folks, there shouldn't be anything entered into a future document for anyone, ever. I was hoping to find an easier way to identify who may be affected, but I can narrow down the report and that should let me see how many consultants are affected.

    If I get hung up, I'll post again. Thanks!