We have a Balance Sheet that we are running for the 13th Period of 2013. They YTD Income amount line in the report does not show any amount while all the other appropriate accounts (from the Per 13 adjusting entries) show in the report. If you run the report for Period 12 all amounts are correct.

I have reviewed the Datamart tables and the data for the YTD Income account is showing in the DimensionPeriodBalances and Fact tables but will not show on the report.

We did need to update the GLSetup screen for the dates entered for the 12th and 13th periods due to the original VAR had set both up as 12/31. We changed the date and then dropped and recreated the Datamart and the periods showed correct in the Period table. This issue has occurred on more than one of their companies.

Any thoughts. Waiting for a response from MS Support.