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Management Reporter Released With Dynamics GP 2010

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 coming in May 2010, GP users are getting their first hands-on look at Management Reporter, the new replacement for FRx.

Management reporting plays a key role in performance management.  Displaying business results, performing variance analysis, comparing projections, and consolidating data from disparate general ledgers provides business users with the business insights they need to make timely and relevant decisions., Accurate and auditable reporting is also essential to regulatory compliance.

Wait a second………..Replacement for FRX?

Don’t panic………… FRx is NOT going away, at least not yet.  Management Reporter will eventually replace FRX entirely, but not for many years, probably around 2014.   However, I expect that by the time that rolls around, we will have all made the transition to Management Reporter, and the passing of FRx will have next to no impact.

But why replace one OF the best financial reporting tools around?  Well, in the immortal words of Tim “the Toolman” Taylor, “More Power!”

FRx has been around for nearly 30 years!  Simply put, Management Reporter takes everything you know and love about FRx, and adds a huge helping of More Power.  It is the difference between a Cessna prop plane and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  64-bit processes compared to a 16-bit process.  SQL Server database and an Access database.

The best news about all of this new power?  It is all behind the scenes, working hard to generate reports much faster, but the FRx user will never know!

All of the familiar building blocks of FRx are still present (and nearly all of your existing FRX Rows, Columns, and Reporting Trees will migrate to Management Reporter, with no need to re-write them).

Management reporter extends the proven functionality of FRX with new features including:

Cross-Enterprise business views – pull business information from multiple sources into one view of your business.

Easy and Secure Report Distribution – both static and dynamic reports can be generated and distributed via email, published in Report Libraries, with SQL Server Reporting Services and thru Excel.

Strong support for Regulatory Compliance – GAAP, IFRS, and Sarbanes Oxley compliant reporting are all supported with Management Reporter.

Easy creation and Customization of reports – designed for the end-user, Management Reporter reduces the workload on your IT and Accounting staff, empowering key decision makers to build and maintain their own reports.

Advanced Financial Intelligence – with the creation of hierarchies within the reporting trees, it is easy to view the business as a whole, or drilldown into specific business units and departments.  Continue drilling down to the account level, and even drill back into Dynamics GP to see the originating transactions!

By TMC, your Los Angeles and Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

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