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Excellence in Sales & Service Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How many times have you been in the checkout line at your favorite store and heard, “Have you found everything you were looking for?” Many times our response is “yes”, because we are rushing through our day, but we haven’t found what we were looking for.  If you should answer this question “no”, many times the person at the checkout has no idea how to respond and continues checking you out.  Imagine!  Here is a lost opportunity for the store to earn more business from you.  More importantly this scenario creates a negative thought in our minds about that particular store.  Some patrons may choose to take their business elsewhere because of this “robotic” response that has become commonplace.

For anyone in sales it is imperative that we determine if our customer “Has found everything they were looking for”. This can be very challenging as a salesperson.  There are “cues and clues” that all customers provide us that we are simply missing.  What challenges are they experiencing?  Many times a salesperson simply needs to ask this question and allow the customer to talk.  Sales people need to listen to what the customer is saying and pick up on what may not be an obvious need or challenge the customer is experiencing.  The primary need or challenge may be obvious, but many times we miss what is between the lines.  Sales people are so eager to “make the sale” that all we want to do is resolve that immediate need and we miss the opportunity to resolve “what else they are looking for”.

Once we have listened to our customer restate the need or challenge they discussed with you or once you have received confirmation, start painting the picture of what you or your company can do for the customer, not only to resolve their immediate challenge, but also anything unsaid..  While the customer may not believe they “need” the additional “items” you feel would be a benefit to your customer, they will appreciate you for “painting the picture of possibilities” for them.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. Document your discussion with the customer.  Note your recommendations.  Create an activity to follow up with your customer.  Always have a next step action item and agreement from your customer for that action item.  This will give a reason for your next call or visit and not just a “follow up” or “touch base” with your customer.  By scheduling your next activity within Dynamics CRM, noting your discussions, and scheduling the follow up date you will begin to meet the expectations you set with your customer and begin delivering Excellence in Sales and Service.

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