I am trying to arrange fields on a form. If I move fields on the left side (vertically only) it works, if I try to move fields on the right side the dynamics shows me the title's error. I noticed the console gives this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'colspan' of undefined
at Function.isNewCellHaveSpace (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at Function.addToAvailableSpace (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at f.restructureSection (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at f.addCellToSectionWrtReferenceCell (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at f.insertCell (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at f.insertElement (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at g.insertElement (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at n.makeFormModelChange.actionName (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at Object.<anonymous> (form-designer.c6a96a7f.chunk.js:2)
at Generator.next (<anonymous>)

Funny enough, after I receive this error if I successfully move the left side verticlly again the field on the right side i attempted to move deletes itself from the form completely.